I wish I am a bear!

I hate winter! Wish I am a bear so that to sleep the whole winter!

Long winter sleep

As winter draws near, bears eat almost continuously to stock up for a long winter sleep. Safe in a cave or hole, the bear will sleep from October until March or April.

Neyyalhom! They just enjoy spring and summer!


  1. Winter is not bad, we get to wear sexy boots and funky coats and scarfs that end up falling off our necks into a puddle of muddy water.Yeah you’re right, winter sucks.


  2. hey Fadi .. there is an african Frog … which sounds much better to wish as a next life .. this frog can sleep up to 15 years … yes up to 15 years! thy neutralize there systems down to zero waiting the rain to come … (which is the bad news here as u hate the winter 🙂 ……P.S : in the next life when i’m that frog and you are that bear … i just hope to not meat you :))) ..Cheers


  3. Life, ma fhemet, shoo ma hagetak ya3ni? 🙂Hala, it does suck! HATE IT! althought my fashion designer Haitham friend thinks like you! (winter clothes!)Antitrinity, lol, dont worry I ll try not to step on you! hheehNo way I am going to be that frog, they only wake up for rain! Stupid! I just want spring and summer like the bear! 🙂


  4. when I think about being a bear for the winter and sleeping that long it seems really boring, as much as i like sleeping i love the cold weather and getting a slighgt cold having my ears freezing feeling like they are about to fall off. The only part i dislike is the weight gain. oh yeah like LIFE said there are really cool clothes for the winter the fashion is HOT!


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