Legalizing begging

It seems that the GAM campaign on Jordanian beggars is still active and in fact escalating.

A week ago, Al Ra’e newspaper published a picture of a big house in Amman which it claimed to belong to a group of beggars that were able to build this house from the money they collected from people in the streets.

The article found it’s way in a TV reportage as well on the Jordanian TV channel and AL Arabieh News channel as well.

It seems that the government isn’t backing off stalking those people anytime soon, and they are trying to win people’s hearts so that to stop giving beggars money in the street.

But, I can’t see such measures as a real solution to such problem. Begging has been existing throughout history everywhere in human societies. In simple logic, people in need of food would beg rather than starve to death.

An alternative solution, which would be more effective is to legalize begging. The same way some other countries legalized prostitution.

It can easily done by providing a place with rooms for beggars. Like a small market where each beggar can pay a small amount of fee for the government to appoint officers to take care of the place. Each beggar can reserve a room with a window where people can come and give money.

Beggars who can prove to have less financial status than others would have more priority of filling those rooms. If there are enough room, some other people who are doing well financially and still like to beg can rent them as well.

The government can also help in advertising the place. Social groups and donation organization can organize group visits for people to give money. Schools and private associations can help as well.

It can all be organized for ease the way people like to give. It would benefit all of us and create a better culture of give/take in our society.

I would certainly like to take my children to such place in order to teach them the virtue of giving.

Wish some official think outside the box!
or even listen and try!


  1. Hmmm I didn’t realize begging was illegal!What you’re describing is a homeless shelter except for the part about people coming and giving money individually to the beggars, I didn’t realize jordan didn’t have any shelters or places of rehabilitation for homeless people


  2. See i think the probably isn’t that these people are in need of money as much as the problem is these people are in need of feeling they can be self sufficient, or in need of mental care, or in need of some kind of rehabilitiation.I don’t know about Jordan specifically but I know in the US there’s a statisitic that the majority of homeless people have a mental illness and many are on drugs and alcoholics, thus providing a place where people can come and give them money doesn’t solve the homeless problem because it’s about alot more than money, the situation is more complex


  3. legalizing wrong things does NOT make it right, prostitution is defiantly wrong, weather some country make it legal or not,, same as begging, a man who is able to stand all day to beg for money “weather in legal ‘begging houses’ or not” sure is able to work at McDonald’s,, working is nothing to be ashame of regardless of its type, but begging IS.


  4. did anyone pay attention to the Failed State Index for 2007? I can proudly announce that the Jordanian regime ranked 82 from 177 with 1 being the worst. our government came between Madagascar and Cameron. are 4 ranks only. our regime is one above the lowest rank. for those who keep defending the regime, I hope you stop doing so and start defending jordan from disaster. DEMOCRACY NOW! ACCOUNTABILITY NOW!


  5. How about a drive through for people who are lazy and don’t want to walk to give money?Or better, maybe an ATM machine instead of rooms were beggars subscribe to and split the money between them?LOLFadi, this is maybe the worst idea (but kinda funny) I ever heard.


  6. Okay, I don’t see this suggestion as an exceptionally good idea.First of all, as Asoom said: “I didn’t realize begging was illegal!” – Begging is not illegal, so you are simply legitimizing an already legitimate action (although it is a discouraged behavior, but thats a different story).But maybe “legalizing” was not the right word to use; Maybe you meant: “regulating” begging, and that not really a great idea either in my opinion. Yes we need to make shelter houses, and charities that take care of the needy (really needy). But making charity-like organizations for beggars?! I dunno about that.In the old post about begging, you said it yourself: <>“DM, sure we can’t ban people from sitting in the street and look pathetic.”<> – So we can’t stop people sitting there looking pathetic. And we can’t stop people giving them money! Heck, you can’t stop me from giving 10$ to Bill Gates (The point being, giving away money isn’t dependent on the need of others)!!!Surely, there are certain practices that cannot be accepted. I heard of some beggars who spit on people who don’t give em money. Others who break their cars’ mirror… Such practices are trespassing and shouldn’t be allowed. But, asking for money in-and-of-itself isn’t a something we can ban…


  7. Asoom, it is obviously illegal with the GAM stalking beggars and putting them in jail! I wonder how much of a problem of drugs and alcohol we have among homeless people, but we don’t see that. Most of the beggars in the street seems to be poor ones not knowing other ways of making money.Rainman, I don’t think legalizing a wrong thing makes it right either. But it does exist. Some poeple like to beg and others like to give. Why don’t we make it better at least?7aki fadi, drive through is a brilliant idea :P, hehehe. You are creative 😉DM, where have you been man? I am happy to see you back. I was just thinkin of you yesterday and how much I miss your input in the various topics we discuss. Welcome back.While we can’t ban people from asking money, it seems that the GAM is doing so by stalking beggars in the street and putting them in jail. What do they prosecuting them for? begging? Does that makes it illegal? It seems it does!


  8. Beggars are not harming anyone!!!!!!!!!! let them beg you know what i think i should do a documentary on this it would be awesome!!!!! 😀 smiles marie


  9. How nice we Arabs are. Here is this case of blogger Kinzi. She receives an anonymous hate post from a moron claiming to be a Muslim. Fact is, it could have been from anyone. All evidence from the hate message leads to an intra-Christian hate. What does she do? She does what any person would do. Bring it to our attention. And what do fellow bloggers do? They come to the rescue. So far so good. Until she starts to engage in condescending Bushisms weaved within subtly unpleasant anti-Muslim diatribes. Now I am glad fellow bloggers came to her support, even though US media and blogs are full of hateful racist violent ant-arab and anti-muslim remarks that rarely get challenged. So what does Kinzi do when I raise this issue, she deletes my post. She is free to do so, but I am free to repost.


  10. Hey I just wanted to tell you that your blog is becoming more and more fantastic and the quality of your posts are marvellous. Just felt I wanted to say that. All the best.


  11. <>“While we can’t ban people from asking money, it seems that the GAM is doing so by stalking beggars in the street and putting them in jail.”<> – Well, u said it, they are stalking beggars. This means that GAM is an illegitimate campaign that abuses people’s freedom and this campaign needs to be abandoned, and maybe is people sued for damages…. Don’t u think?!As for me, yes, I have been less visiting blogs and my blog been non-updated… Well, I am afraid its gonna take a while!!


  12. Marie, yes they are not harmful :(. Poor people.Batir, I was actually wondering what do you think of my blog now as you gave me a good push and compliment the time I start blogging but then barely commented on a post of mine :).Thank you so much. You made my day with your comment. DM, I am not sure I want them to stop their campaign or not. Although I feel bad for beggars who are really in need. I don’t like seeing them around! A bit of selfishness from my side! 😦Yalla man we missed your posts. Come back 🙂


  13. Ehh. I’ve never heard of this GAM campaign, but then again, I don’t live in Jordan 🙂We should always give to those who have not enough. That’s what I’ve always been taught, and I’m not going to comment from that point onwards.


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