My flu and the doctor

I feel numb, dizzy and blurred.
But I feel also calmness, surrenderess and love.

A combination of a flu, computer screen, and lack of work effect.

Having to come to work because IT IS JUST a flu –> need to go to a Dr
Not being able to stay home because I HAVE to get a medical report
while I am not courageous enough to do so because of a PREVIOUS BAD experience
especially that my flu isn’t that bad this time

It doesn’t help not having much work to do at this time
to keep me in silence watching my computer screen
and surrender to my current situation

Cursing the doctor who managed to strangle me in such situation
because now, I have to think TWICE before seeking a Dr. demanding for a sick vacation because of a flu

It happened 2 years ago
I had a bad flu
and decided to dismiss work that day
but because the shitty work requests a medical report
I had to consult a Dr.
and so, at 11:00 AM, I called a Dr. clinic from the list I had in my insurance booklet to set an appointment
The secretary answered, and said that the Dr. is busy till 5:00 PM
so we scheduled an appointment at 5:00 PM

I spent the day in bed recovering, and fighting my flu
I then had to push myself to go to the Dr. clinic for the damn medical report

After she did her examination
and obviously realized it is a flu!
and prescribed me some medication
It was the time where I had to request the medical report
and a day off (the one I already took)
and it was also the time where she BURST in anger!
She was a smartass to realize that I have only seeked her for the zeft medical report
and thus, she felt insulted offended

YOU THINK I AM A WRITER?! (Kattabeh) She shouted on my face!
and I am the one WHO DECIDE whether you should take a sick leave or not!

I was feeling bad Dr. that is why I stayed at home
Isn’t having some rest a requirement for Flu treatement?

Anyway I stayed silent wondering whether I should burst back on her
and save some of my pride
and whether it is worth to dismiss the medical report or not
for feeling good of hitting her back
(I think now that it worthed it)

At that moment
I didn’t act
Maybe I just didn’t want to make a scene
or wanted the damn zeft too bad
I stayed silent and said politely
You don’t have to write it if you don’t want to
Bite my pride as she wrote it in disgust while saying
“You most probably won’t come to my clinic again”
I stayed silent
as if I did a crime!
Telling myself
I DONT want to see your ugly face EVER again!

She traumatized me till today
Where I have to suffer so that not to offend another Dr.! :S
and wait here infront of my computer
till the hours pass
and time comes to go back home
to my bed
and lovely pillow


  1. OH MY GOOODDDD!!!!! THAT BITCH!!!You know what? There have been many times that I’ve had the absolute smallest illness and I just don’t feel like going to work or school so I go the doctor just to get the doctor’s excuse, and ALL DOCTORS KNOW THIS!!! Everyone does this!!! I’ve never been given a hard by a doctor not wanting to give me a note, and it’s obvious that I’m not that sick but really they just don’t care. This lady is arrogant and needs to get over herself thinking she’s so important.On a side note, I was lucky because my best friend, her three older siblings and her brother-in-law are all practicing doctors and I had access to doctors notes without having to make any visits, at one point her brother in law gave me what was a left of his pad of notes to write them in myself as needed, but I know that’s really bad of me and I’ve only actually used that once. Plus, I can’t use those anymore because I live in a different city than the office location on the notes.


  2. lol man, thats funny, im also having a flu now, well today is my third so its getting better, i wouldnt visit a doctor for it, as you said just enjoy the calmness and blurriness it gives to the world around you as if you living in a bubble, and if you lucky you will get a sympathetic love from a lover 😉


  3. u know what , like asoom said get to know a doctor and get him/her to give ur a note pad of excuses signed and ready to be filled 😀 anyways i hate how we are given 14 days of sick leave and we are not allowed to take them, and if we do they bitch at us


  4. Kinzi, allah yesalmek! Sure, I changed the Dr.! I would never go back to her!Thanks for reminding me of the flu shot. Will get one as soon as I get better.Asoom, you are lucky! Wish I can do like you. I always think twice now before going to a Dr. for flu!Husams, salamtak enta kaman. I am getting sympathetic love. It is the best thing in flu 😉Moey, salamtak man! What’s up with the flu?!! Everyone has it!No_Angel, I should start searching for a Dr. friend :P. I hate it either! Why the hell having to get a medical report?!!


  5. wow that is mean!!it sucks that you have to get a note! at my old work we had to get a note if we were going to be off for longer than 3 day…and i thought that was a pain!


  6. It shouldn’t be a requirement to get a medical report for work.. If I go to work here in such conditions they will beg me to go home..shouf shou ta3mel next time: go to work, huff, puff, cough and sneeze all over the place.. I think they will send you home with pleasure….looolHope you feel better soon.. Chicken soup is perfect now ..


  7. sam, wish we have that option at work, it would ease things up!kj, man, workers are entitled to have 14 days sick leave. It is part of what we have achieved of rights to workers.noura, neyyalek! They dont do that where i work even if they see me dying!rainman, allah yesalmak, there is no need to mention her name 🙂


  8. Yeah I am more freaked about taking the time off than actually getting better …its nerve wrecking! You function as much as you can while living in a bubble as others put it dreaming of hot soap & a warm bed this prolongs the illness though I am sure its seems to take forever & ever ..The reason I have my current flue is from shishaa I get a flue every other time & never learn has this happened to anyone else?


  9. That Doctor is a Bitch i don’t like using that word, bitch, bitch, bitch. well, on a lighter note. I was sick not to long ago with a small flu. As my body was sweating and cleaning itself of all the toxins i felt this comfort, and love and lightness i felt bad but good at the same time. lots healthy, peaceful moments 😀 marie


  10. dolphine, yeah :(, it has been a week for me and still I m not getting better! hate it!Marie, I am glad you feel better now. Thank you 🙂Deemco, Allah yesalmek. Thanks 🙂


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