Mr. AL Bakhit: Would you resign please?

Countries all over the world are progressing forward in granting their citizens more freedom of speech, while you, our beloved Prime Minister, are taking us back in time with your sponatneous laws that only helps in restricting our progress of trying to follow up the level of democracy other countries around the world achieved.

You haven’t even been loyal to your oath of following the Kings guidance in taking care of this country. The king has made it clear on various occaisons that the sky is the limit to the freedom of speech in Jordan, and yet, you can’t see the message. Instead of giving more freedom to our printed publications which suffer from major problems in creativity due to your publications law, you decide to extend your backward law to cover online outlets!

My dear Prime Minister, what has been acceptable decades ago, is NOT acceptable now. We have in Jordan very high literacy ratio. People are much more knowledgable than before. We value our right of freedom of speech as much as we value our right to have water and food.

Jordan has been a role model in the middle east with its democratic process. We have always been aware that we haven’t yet achieved the level of Switzerland or Sweden, but we have always consoled ourselves that we are at least moving forward. We have always enjoyed a partial freedom, and always worked on expanding it. You just can’t be the one to set us back.

It is sad that you have let it reached to this point. King Abdullah has came up twice this year in public declaring his annoyance of the way you and your team are dealing with issues. First it was the fuel prices problem, and then it happened againt for other grocery products price problem. I wonder if you are willing to test his patience and made him appear for a third time to set you straight of his vision of Jordan. I believe that “the sky is the limit” should be blunt enough for you. If not, God help you…

We won’t let anyone eat from our achievments so far.

We’ ll keep on progressing no matter what kind of obstacles you or any other try to place in our way.


  1. Qwaider, hope he does!Anonymous, yes for sure. KJ, it is to have the freedom to say whatever you want without the fear of being jailed for your opinion. The government issued a law of applying the printed publication law on online outlites. The printed publication has always been used to restrict writers from saying anything that doesnt suit the government.Bakkhouze, Amen 🙂


  2. يا أخي ،يعني انت بتعرف مين بحكم ومين برسم في هل البلد،المشكله ليست في البخيت،خلينا نكون شويه صادقين مع أنفسنا،الملك عبدالله بدوهيك،هاي هي كل القصه


  3. So your definition also means that everyone can insult the other with a slurry of all sorts of racial words, hateful and abusing sentences and offending phrases, and not be held accountable for it?


  4. kj, it depends on what you mean of being held accountable for. Yes, everyone is entitled to speak up his mind. If someone else is offended, it isn’t the government role to punish the offender and restrict our usage of words and ideas.


  5. kj, I am not sure I understand what you means. I am not sure whether insulting people can be considered as a part of freedom of speech or not, but hey, everyone can be offended from anything. There should be no law to punish people for their speech no matter what they say (I guess). What do you think?


  6. I got a taste of what KJ mentioned myself recently.Someone got on my blog, and kept posting very rude comments, insults, lies etc…When I deleted their posts, it got worse. So I enabled moderation, and created a deletion policy.Once they got bored, I disabled moderation again, and all is peachy 🙂but based on my personal experience, while I don’t like the idea of placing the same limits on us as regular media, I think some limits should be there. It all depends what they are trying to enforce. We’ll see soon enough.


  7. hani, but everyone would suit him to restrict talking about certain subject. We differ, and all are entitled to our right of freedom of speech. There should be no restrictions whatsoever. We are currently doing very well without monitoring, why change that?


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