1. Muard, thank you 🙂Haithamo, thank you 🙂Oraibo, I am so happy as well habibty, thanks.Life, thanks you. I should check out this Anigma(Diary). I have to read the Witch of Portebello as well. Happy birthday 🙂Marie, I guess it is all because of you and you mentioning me to him when you met him. Thank you so much. I am so filled with joy as well. Lots of love for you..Wedz, thanks 🙂


  2. Fadi you deserve this 🙂 i know what a dedicated Coelho fan you are and i’m just thrilled for you! Mabrook!


  3. Kinzi, thank you. You are awsome 🙂Noura, thx, hehehe, actually I should. Maybe some Ice cream when I open my shop 😛hatem, thank you, I m glad you like the idea. It does help encouraging people. Dana, hey, zaman 3annek. Alla yebarek feeke. Thanks :). We should do something soon..


  4. if I were you, I’d be disappointed. he just copied and pasted. I expected to read his own comment on it and how much he supports it and how can he contribute more to the idea. 😦


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