Feel your present moment as a memory

Don’t we love memories?

We always tend to remember old days with a bit of longing saying how happy we were back then, while in fact we might have been in a less happy state than we already are now.

It can be explained by knowing that our mind tend to suppress painful situation and thus keeping most of our memories *nice*

How beautiful was our childhood? How beautiful were school days? College days? Old house? Old Neighbourhoud? …etc

Just bringing up memories gives us a sense of happiness

And so

I developed a trick

To feel my present moment as if it is a memory

It is so easy. Just try to project yourself to be in the future while remembering what is happening now. You’ll suddenly feel more love to your present.

There is a magic in living our past. When you can do that at your present moment, you can feel yourself disattached of the river of time of your life span and feel your spirit observing your life unfolding.

Try applying this on this post, as if your are remembering reading this as a distanced memory, and tell me what you think. Does it work for you?


  1. Coehlo again right? 😛Your method is nice but it takes a lot of mental exhaustion to be continually thinking of the present as if it is in the past, given of course that people can actually envision a worse future so as to enjoy the present.If people who go by the law of attraction read this, constantly thinking of a horrible future so you can enjoy the current moment will definitely bring you a horrible future. LoL.The easy way is to drink yourself silly or take ecstasy pills. Or have sex.


  2. Kj, nope it isn’t Coelho this time, although there is a possibility that such idea have crossed his mind and found its way in something here wrote that I didnt read :).I have no idea where I got this from, maybe it just me this time 😉And actually it doesnt take a lot of mental exhaustion. You can try it in a blink and you would feel your soul watching your past. It differs than what you suggesting of imagining a worse future! I wouldn’t recommend that, whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, it just leaves you in fear and anticipation of bad things are yet to come. In my way, you are living the future in the present, as you are living the present as it is a past. You are a free soul watching your life film.


  3. yes it does.I do this most of the time..maybe when I am 60 -year-old I’ll look back at this day..oh how it was nice working when I am young (even it is boring office now):).


  4. First… I did also think its Coehlo.. Or at least a thought from his book.. Second..This is a good method for developing appreciation for our days…Although I realized that a lot of methods do work for developing this appreciation… but sometimes.. No matter how well practiced you are in this level of thinking… troubles of life do overwhelmed all your efforts and practice.. But I love the thought…


  5. I do that to remember amazing moments, I try and remember the smell , the image of it, the words said, it’s like taking a picture and spending a second to take it all in and record it.Like Sam I do it watching my daughter and also when doing something I love.Nice post.


  6. honestly, this is one of the major reasons I blog. Sometimes I go back and read one of my old posts. Just reading a post brings back some distant memories attached to it; whether it is where I was writing it, when I was writing or my condition or feeling when I was writing it. I wish they have a device like the one in the movie “the final cut”. Its a good movie. try renting it. 😉


  7. Sorry, am so mentally exhausted I can’t even try,I don’t think it will even work for me..The past has its own flavor,not only associated with events but with certain smells,faces and emotions that no imagination possible will make me feel the present as a memory..Nice try though 🙂


  8. Sam, it is good to know that other people do this as well. It is a nice feeling. I like it 🙂RedRose, Welcome back :). You are so gonna love remembering our blogging memories.life, I am glad you loved the post, and no this isnt Paulo this time :P. You are right, sometimes life’s troubles overwhelm us but we can always feel better taking a single moment for us to calm and restore our energy.hamza, and you know what, we are watching each other movies as well through reading each other blogs :).Noura, that is too bad. Maybe you can try it one time later. Believe me, you would love the feeling. It doesnt take much mental work as you think. Try picturing yourself being old and looking back at what you are doing these days. It works, and will work for you 🙂


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