A Deep and a Shallow end

I like being shallow
as much as I like being deep
Both can be enjoyable at different times
although shallow may dominate my life
because it is just how things go

I mean, how would you communicate with people
if you always show your deep side!
You would be building a huge wall around yourself
where only few can understand you

and seriously, isn’t it what matters the most?
Connecting with people?
“Al Janneh men ‘3air nas ma btendas”
(Heaven without people is hell)

So if it is gossips, then BE IT!
I love gossiping!
and talking behind YOUR back
and your back
and y o u r back

As long as it doesn’t reach you
then there is no harm to it
It is just for fun
Actually it serves for better than that
It uncovers what others really think about you
because behind your back, they can be the most honest!
and thus, make us connect
(cause we share a little secret now)
which is talking about you!

Beside gossips,
Sometimes I like being superficial!
Like judging people from what they wear!
Especially their shoeses!
I can’t believe how a bad looking shoes can be annoying to me
:S :S :S
I can’t help it!
I feel nausea wearing untasteful shoes myself!
This superficiality cannot be harmful as well
It is just between me and myself
(and the people I gossip with about your shoes behind your back)
but I would never hurt you
and tell you how much the sight of your shoes annoys me!

Besides that,
I love Elissa, and I like Haifa’s music
I even enjoy Dana Dondon and Jad Chouery!
I love watching the bold and the beautiful
I Love junk food, candies and ice cream!
and I love video games!
and and and

On the other side
I love reading
Especially to Paulo Coelho and Nawal Al Sa’dawi
I enjoy knowledge
I love art
and I adore writing

I enjoy hearing/reading the news
Find politics amusing

I love science
and history

Enjoy geography
and admire philosophy

I love exploring religions
and human pshycology

There is always a pleasure in knowledge that I can only find a match
in food, and in… sex

“Most people are like most swimming pools, have both a deep end and a shallow one”
These are my both ends
and I enjoy them both
connecting with people at my shallow side
and dive with others at my deep one


  1. Thats a deep post.. I say.. 🙂Well, the balance is important.. you cant be deep all the time..thats right.. you cant talk books witheveryone.. and you must have some shallow times 🙂I love this post.. as usual!


  2. “Al Janneh men ‘3air nas ma btendas” hehe that saying always annoyed me 😛 see but the way you describe it, ur shallow side isn’t as shallow as lets say which color is nicer on my hair, red or blue ? it is neither vanity or blond talk(falls under the if you actually made what you were about to say pass through ur brain instead of directly to your mouth you would understand why we want to gourge our eyes out) the difference between shallow and deep is that one allows you to be critical while the other is just not worth wasting ur breath on 😀


  3. Life, I am glad you love this post :), and that you see it deep 🙂No angel, actually sometimes it can be as shallow as which hair color is nicer. And I wouldnt say there are things that are not worthing wasting breath on :), maybe what you percieve as unworthy today can be very valuable tomorrow 🙂


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