Macho men!

It is weird what goes on in our streets
I bet that each one of you have witnessed a certain type of incident
Qwaider was amazed of the amount of prostitutes we have in our streets
Kinzi reported twice insane drivers hitting our roads
I, once, posted about women sexual street harassers
that not a single lady in Amman haven’t experience

But it is the first time that I witness
ADULT (yes over 18) men harassing other adult men (over 18 as well)

And it happened in the most classy neighbourhood of Abdoun circle!
Where people supposed to be C I V I L I Z E D
(beside wearing suits and driving mercedes)

To be specified, it was at Gerard
Where me and a friend of mine was having an ice cream
Sitting on the chairs outside while beside us there was 2 young men
and beside them another young men
The 2 men in between looked a bit softer than the *average* man
(so that I don’t say feminine)
(you define average)

They didn’t wear makeup
They didn’t have long hair
They didn’t wear flashy clothes
and they weren’t talking in a girly way

But you can tell that they were soft, in a way where most people percieve gays to be!
and thus, this was the joke of the other *macho* men sitting next to them
I say macho with a mere sarcasm, as they didn’t even look tough either!
They didn’t have big muscles
They didnt have long mustaches
and they weren’t surrounded with women worshipping their musculanity!
They were 2 skinny average 7afartal guys that you can find in Abdoun circle hanging around out of boredom.

*El fadi be3mel adi*
In English, bored people appoint themselves judges on others out of boredom
and so did those macho men!
Like it is a wonder to see feminine men around!
They burst in laughing and giggeling as if they have witnessed a wonder!

and because they are used to harassing females,
they thought that fem-males can be harassed the same way as well!

and because they were really having fun in their discovery,
they wanted to share it with other men around
and so, they looked at me
and winked in a gesture where I can notice what they have discovered!

His eyes where about to pop out, trying to direct mine to check out the 2 feminine men sitting in between!

I laughed at their immaturity,
Gave them the look “Shame on you”
and “Leave them alone”

I guess they didn’t like me
and maybe considered me
a party popper!

Like if I care!

As I was ready to leave,
But really was concerned about the 2 femninie men
who might have been harassed
and may even been beaten up!

Macho men in our streets! Way to go!


  1. The original Spanish word “macho” had no negative connotation. Besides using it to mean “man”. It also carried the conotation of being responsible, honorable, hard working, taking care of your family.So based on the original definition, these people are neither macho, nor men. They’re overgrown children.


  2. well from what I understand from your post is that they didn’t actually do anything they were just staring and making faces and maybe giggling, right?well, I’m not defending these guys or anything but that’s everywhere! It’s not out of the ordinary that when people see someone different fee nas ra7 y3alqo 3alaihum. Of course this isn’t right but I don’t think it’s accurate to compare this situation with guys on the streets of jordan harassing girls with words just because she’s a female!


  3. In my high school there was a guy who was gay and spoke feminine and sometimes wore makeup, he was definately made fun of and this is a private american high school where all the kids had nice cars. You can argue well that was high school….but I can tell you college stories and work stories but I think you get it.The point that I’m trying to make is when someone is ‘different’ in any setting it’s likely that there will be a group of people y3alqo 3alaikum, that’s unversal and for the most part isn’t dependent upon educational or economic setting!


  4. I’m actually quite surprised that the “macho” group ONLY managed to make faces and giggle towards the probably-gay group. Knowing “typical” Jordanian mentality better it is good no one ended up in jail.


  5. Hani Obaid, yes indeed, they are just an overgrown children! 🙂Amma15, I got your point, and as you say yourself, that doesn’t make it right. It might happen everywhere but it happens out of ignorance and lack of tolerance to the differences of people. It only indicates a small amount of knowledge, because a knowledgable person would expect more difference between himself and other people, and thus respect it. Actually, it was a bit obvious the way they made fun of the 2 feminine men. They were too close to them, and if those 2 men reacted in anyway, I bet you that they would have been beaten up. It is a kind of sexual harassement, because they are being harassed based on their sex and sexuality, don’t you think so?Kj, who knows what happened when I left! I hope they just stopped at that!


  6. amma15 I wouldn’t agree with you. just because stealing is universal and happen everywhere, that wouldn’t make it acceptable, or would it? and who said USA is the reference for the ok or not ok? If they wouldn’t respect humans differences then we would be better than them and respect it, sure the first step of solving a problem is by acknowledging that there is a problem.


  7. if you go back to my post you see where I say “I’m not defending these guys….” and “of course this isn’t right but…..”The point that I am making isn’t that it’s ok because it happens in the US too, the point that I was making is that this trend isn’t something that’s unique to the streets of amman or something that’s expected in lower class areas as I thought the observer was suggesting by letting us know it was in a high class neighborhood, but rather it’s something universal and can be seen everywhere and I gave my american high school as an example from personal experience and not to say ‘this is ok because it happens in america’You should read posts carefully before you reply because all I just did was restate what was stated in my reply and that is an unnecessary waste of time and effort


  8. I think they have been taught to look down on the feminine and they have so repressed this principle in themselves that they get very anxious seeing it displayed in others…In psychology one says that what affects us in others, is a hidden side in ourselves 🙂Kristina


  9. amma15, my comment in my post is due to the fact that rich neighbourhood is safer in general than poor ones. People would feel safer walking down the street of a rich neighbourhood than a poor one. Dont you think so?Kristina, you are totally right. It is because society pushes so hard on them to prove their masculinity which forces them to put a lot of hard work maintaining it. Seeing others failed in that matter can (as they would percieve it) would enrich their superior feeling of masculinity!


  10. I stumbled into your blog through lilly’s blog….just wanted to say that hani obaid has a good point…that was the definition of “macho”…but now its used as a negative term usually used toward “chauvinistic” males….i also thought that what those guys were doing was wrong…harassing those guys just because they were effeminate, thats wrong…and usually the harassers do it to make one’s self feel better or superior….but like amma15 says this kind of behavior, although bad, tends to occur all the time…no matter the social status, race, or gender…


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