Bader Abed Al Haq – Jordanian writer honoring

The Jordanian writers counsil arranged an event yesterday to honor the Jordanian famous writer Bader Abed Al Haq on his sixty two birthday for his achievements and additions to the Jordanian art of writing through his work of short stories and journalism.

Bader has been a writer, story teller and journalist. On 1972, he and another two famous Jordanian writers (Fakhri Kawar and Khalil Al Sawahry) issued a collection of short stories under the name “Three Voices”. After twenty years, on 1992, he issued another collection of short stories under the name “The Cursed”. On 1986, a book was issued contains a collection of the best 70 posts of his in newspapers. He also published (with the participation of Ghazi Al saadi) two books in the field of politics and patriotism under the name “The Jalil War: About the Israeli attack of south Lebanon” and “Enemy soldiers field testemony during the siege of Beirut”. On 2005, Mr. Hussen Nashwan collect most of Bader’s production into a book “The Silence of a testemonial”.

Unfortunatly, Bader couldn’t attend the celebration because of his al zehaimar disease which he and his family has been battling with for the past 14 years. He attended with his spirit which filled the room through his writings and through the eyes of his family members, friends, and fans.

The Jordanian writers event organizers didn’t forget to honor the iron woman who have always stood behind Bader. She has always been there in sickness and in health. Since the first time they met in United Arab Emirates when she used to be an artist, and he covers her exihibition stories, through the beautiful years of success they lived togather, till now where he doesn’t recognize her anymore, while she devotes her life to take care of him through his struggle in the past 14 years. Romio and Juliet have stopped short of manifesting real love testemony in comparisn of the real sacrifice and devotion of Sallama Bader Abed Al Haq. She proved that the saying behind every great man a great woman to be utterly true.

Sallama didn’t just have to take care of Bader through his sickness, but she has also had to raise three beautiful girls by her own. Mais, Wassan, and Samar, three beautiful young women now who had to grow up dealing with the faith choice of shocking them by taking their father’s spirit away of them in their most delicate years.

Wassan, who happens to be one of my closet friends, and to whom I dedicate this post for, has been the most affected of her father disease. She has been the closest to him and his favourite in her childhood. It happens that she was born on the same day of him, and thus she couldn’t attend yesterday’s celebration. With his sickness, she lost the joy of her birthday. When he left, he took the light of her life, leaving her clueless and lost, trying to find answers for her everyday life troubles alone now where she had always depend on him as her campus that taught her eveything she needed on her childhood.

She always goes back to their childhood talks and his writings to get directions in her life. He has implanted a set of principels in this young woman heart that we rarely see in people these days. His sickness has nouriched her compassion spirit and fed her need to help others in need. She deveoped a passion of serving other lost souls where she enjoys voluntary work that she does so often in silence through her visits to Dar Al Aman (a house for orphanage and abused children in Jordan). One of her dreams is to work in a war zone, to be able to help people who really need help.

To prove his love for Wassan, he once appeared to me in a dream. He asked me to take care of her, which I promised to do, and vow to keep my promise. May God help me.

Happy Birthday for you Wasson and for your father.

Love you….


  1. That is a very kind remembrance, Fadi. I love to see spouses who care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s, it is such an act of sacrificial love.


  2. Aroob, I am glad you like it. I am sure Wassan would be happy for your comment 🙂Kinzi, it just proves how some human being can be really loyal and faithful creatures, unlike what others try to spread to fullfil their own unrespected desires!There is certainly LOVE in this world. Aunt Sallama has just gave us all a good lesson.For those who lost faith in love, can restore theirs. This is a real story 🙂


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