While in fact it is just pure jealousy!

I love Brooke logan forrester
(This is not a secret anymore, I have admit it in one of my previous posts, remember?)
The main character of the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera
Actually it is, Brooke logan forrester forrester forrester sharp Maron…
Yes triple forrester, as you know, she married the 3 forresters men
The father
The son (Ridge)
and the other son (Thorne)
Then came Ridge’s half brother (Nick)
and guess what? She married him as well
Not to forget Deacon sharp, who has been her son-in-law!

I know what you are thinking,
Why would I love such a morally corrupted character
Not just in terms of the Arab Morals
but also in terms of the American Morals as well.

Is it her blond her? big boobs? Attractive body figure?
or is it her sex appeal and comfort in her sexuality?
or is it her spontaniousity, daring, independence and confidence?

Maybe it is what she represents in the show
A victim of her own beauty
A woman that is crusified for her sexuality
A woman that her only sin is the she loves so much

People consider her a bitch
But who isn’t in that show interms of Arabic values.
Even Taylor the saint are considered a bitch in our Arabic terms.
In some areas, even a woman not wearing a hijab (veil) is considered a bitch

But people find it hard to realize that Morals are relative
Each one thinks that he has the ultimate truth in terms of women morality
They don’t realize that each woman has different emotions and needs
What you would apply to one, cannot be applied to another
Sometimes even a woman beauty can be her curse
And while beauty is also relative
A more beautiful woman in an area where people look at beauty in a certain way
Most probably would get more sexual advancement than a less beautiful one
and thus, the less beautiful would find it easier to hold on their sexual needs
than the more beautiful with all the men lusting after her!
Then, they would step up on a high pedestal,
claiming to be self-righteous, moral, religious women
While calling that beauty a bitch
for a so called legitemate reason *Morals*
While in fact it is just pure


  1. This topic REALLY hits home, ’cause I’m a huge fan of B&B, and my favourite character is Brooke too. Probably the most entertaining character in the ENTIRE soap.However, I disagree with you when you say that is “JEALOUSY”, when people hate her. I think those that hate her simply don’t have the capacity (or patience) to understand her. And her needs. Even though I am a huge fan of her character (in the soap). It is partially because of all the struggles she has been through, but most of which: she brought on herself. In short: she is a Mistress of her own desire.Have you read “Hippolytus” by Euripides? If not, you should check it out! The female character Phaedra suffers similarly, after she fell in love with her step-son. Scandalous!


  2. Saadna, if you are a huge fan of this soap, then you would have noticed that only women hate Brooke. Most men are stalking her like dogs! They only get mad at her when she is with another man! It is jealousy. That is why women call each other bitches more often than men do. My question for you, would she behave this way if she is less attractive? Men wouldnt be so strongly drawn to her, and thus she wouldn’t sleep with many men, other women wouldnt be jealous of her, and no one would can her a bitch!I should check out this book, sounds like a good one 🙂


  3. I’m confused. When you say “women” are jealous of her, are you referring to Stephanie, Bridget, Taylor,(etc) OR the viewers?‘Cause yes, Stephanie, Bridget, Taylor (etc) are DEFINITELY jealous of her because she’s stealing all their men! But if you mean the general public…I don’t think they’d necessarily be jealous. They might criticise her severely, and judge her. But that’s only my opinion.And yes; definitely check out the play!


  4. Saadna, I am talking about Brooke as a model of other females in real life. It is what she represents of a daring beautiful woman who suffers because of her basic needs.There are many other Brookes in real life. They dont sleep with an entire family, but they push the standards of moral rules where they are, and thus pay dearly for it. Even other women attack them, out of jealousy.Kinzi, hehhehe, that is the soap world! 😛


  5. something must’ve inspired you to relate to Brooke.So is it the blond hair? attractive body figure? or comfort in her sexuality or any “hidden boobs” that the audience don’t know about? loool. just jokin. 😛


  6. I liked Brooke … but that’s actually besides the point …when you say that the other women feel jealous of her and play the morals card because they can’t be like her … well, this does not apply to the example you mentioned, because if I remember right, Caroline married the two Forrester brothers … Taylor married one and fell in love with the other and so on … so they are actually capable of doing what she does and they go ahead and do it .. they do not put themselves on the morals pedestal and call her a bitch because their jealousy triggers it … they are jealous of her and call her a bitch because she competes with them on their men .. she wins sometimes and they win other times and that’s the core conflict …I know that you mentioned this as an example and I know why .. for example: I would not criticize another woman for something she is doing because I cannot do it myself and am jealous of her capability and mad at my own disability … I criticize a behavior because I do not accept it in my own standards or the ones we live by … it has nothing to do with jealousy because to be jealous, you have to have the same surrounding circumstances where they can and you can’t, they would and you wouldn’t … and this does not apply to everything in life …Not all women are jealous when they criticize other women’s behaviors … it is much more complicated than that but I got what you wanted to say and thank you for your opinion although I strongly disagree with it … simply because you have to understand women really well before you can interpret their actions … do you?


  7. hey khalida 🙂To answer your question, yes I think that I do understand women (pretty well :p)Women tend to compete between each other far more than men do. They use various trick to make oneselves look better than the other, including playing the moral card which is one of their most important assets that society judge them upon.Women also their each other worst enemy. I have noticed women trashing each othe much more than I have noticed men doing so. As for Taylor and Caroline, while they could get those men, and they did, which doesnt make them any better morally than Brooke, they also knew that they can’t compete with her directly. They lacked self confidence in their sexuality, and thus always claimed that Brooke can get their men through sex only because she is better in bed! It only shows their jealousy of her because she has something they lack – which is self confidence. Self confident women tend to be more free in their life, and wear more revealing cloths because they are more comfortable with their bodies. While less confident ones tend to cover their bodies under the name of morals. That is why more beautiful women are more prone to be associated of being called a bitch rather than less beautiful ones. It is worth to mention that I am not generalizing here. I am just pointing a tendency.


  8. It is true that women tend to be more competitive in certain areas but so do men … it is a human nature … sometimes women tend to use the moral card but not necessarily out of competition … you have to consider that a percentage of them actually do it out of their beliefs … Not all women cover up because of lack of confidence .. some are actually modest or shy … some can and do have the choice to cover or reveal but they choose to cover so we cannot take that against them and see it as lack of confidence … we cannot generalize … it is behaviors that govern the perception of people because some can appear modest and covered up but act so low that you cannot help but notice and criticize … they force you to not be able to look the other way if you know what I mean 🙂I understand that you are not generalizing but some of the readers might think that you are …


  9. khalidah, hehehe, you can always look the other way – if you want 🙂Yes, you are right, as I said that I am not generalizing, I agree that there are some women who cover up their body do have other reasons for doing so. It also strikes me that women who are really after certain religious values, don’t trash others who dont abide with them. True believers point out wrongs with love, only those jealous ones that bitch each other.


  10. True … but not all religious women use advise as their means of persuasion, from my own experience; most use fear and look down on us for not being covered up or veiled … so I guess we are back at the relativity corner where nothing is absolute … I believe in that but to tell you the truth … as a woman; I really do not remember the last time I felt jealous of another woman … now as I think about it .. it is strange, isn’t it?


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