Living within a group – A different life style

Sometimes I look to the future and find elders houses to be a good choice for me in my senior years. The idea of being with people around my age in a big house appeals to me better than being in a house with people where I hardly can communicate with because of the gap in age even if they are my children and grand children. I don’t like also the option of living alone with a maid to help me.

Living with a group is something that appeal to me. Most people would agree that their school and college times were one of the best times in their lives. Those who lived in university dorms know what it is like to live among a group. It is a totally different life style that differs than the way we live.

In the past, our grandparents used to live in small towns where houses were close to each other. There was no real seperation between people the way we have now. The sense of living in a group was there among them. They all knew their neighbours, and all lived like a big family.

Now, we moved into bigger buildings were no one knows about his neighbour anything. In the name of privacy we build bridges between us. People now even peek from the magic eyes of their doors in order to check if their neighbour is in the stairs so that they don’t stop and talk to him! Our privacy turned into curse, and the walls we built to protect ourselves trapped us in loneliness and isolation.

It would be nice if our houses evolved to resemble university dorms or old towns. People should move from living in small families into bigger groups. Each pair or single people can have their own rooms in a big hall while sharing a sitting room and a kitchen. They can maintain their privacy this way while taking advantage of living among a big group of people as well.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a suitable solutions to families with little children, but the whole family can move to such big houses once their children turn 18.


  1. Enjoyable post! 🙂I like this idea of living together in groups…You’re right; the old times were better…


  2. Saadna, hey it has been sometime since you commented here :). I wish I have the money to start such project, it would add much missing value to people’s life.KJ, dont count on that! 😉


  3. eh… back to life in the dorm … sounds like a bad idea to me, it’s like dealing with workplace politics but now on a much personal level. i’ll take my solitude over that.


  4. my are sooo right. You know what? by the age of 55, I’ll formalize a plan to mass-murder all the grandchildren of my best friends so that they can move and live with me in those elder houses. 😀YOU ARE A GENIUS.


  5. no_angel, you cant always play politics, on personal level, you break the walls you built between you and your neighbours.Hamza, I should do the same, we can live in the same house, we’ll have great time talking about our history of blogging, what do you say? 🙂


  6. Its fun to think about it.. how about living it.. Smart post.. I like the idea…People are slipping to the individualism recently..


  7. After visiting a senior home here in Florida, I wished they invest in a similar idea back home,although I doubt that it would be socially acceptable..The facilities resemble a hotel, single rooms,with a cafeteria, daily schedule of events to keep them entertained, a doctor on call around the clock,it looked like a vacation home..Most of them though were in good health,some still drive but after loosing a spouse they choose to be around people with the same age and interest.It is out of the question here, unlike in our world, that they will burden their kids..Sorry for the long comment,this idea is always in my mind out of worry about my mom who still live in Beirut.


  8. life, individualism are eating from our happiness. People would realize that eventually! I hope!Noura, wish we have the same senior homes you described in Florida. Hope someone would start one here before I reach my senior years :). It would be so much fun then!And dont worry, I like long comments 🙂


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