Paulo Coelho liked a post of mine!

I can’t hold my excitement about this news. Actually, it is quite unbelievable to have my favourite multi million book seller writer reading a post of mine and actually preparing to publish it on his own blog.

Today is my lucky day. I have got this comment from Paula, a messenger from Paulo himself telling me:

Hello, just dropping by to say that Paulo Coelho has read your post and
will publidh it in his blog Paulo Coelho’s blog on the 17th of September. In case you mind,
do not hesitate to write me on paulabraconnot@gmail.comBest!

I did contact her and it seems to be true news 🙂

Here is the post Paulo read and liked!

Thank you Paulo, and thank you Paula for the news.

I can fly of excitment now!


  1. so that was your plan all along. post every once in a while a topic about coelho, discuss few controversial topics to increase the popularity of your blog on google ranking so that when somebody googles paulo coelho’s blog, they find you. *joins 7aki in envying observer*


  2. 7aki fadi, thanks 🙂hamza, hehehe, actually I am speechless to the news that he HIMSELF read a post on my blog and liked it! That is not all, because he liked it much, he’ll post it on his own blog! I feel like a cinderella now! lol


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