What if God is one of us?

What if God is one of us?
or maybe my question is
What if suddenly I realized that I am God myself
Insane, isn’t it?
Einstein says
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
And so, my imagination can make me a God
Isn’t God himself is part of our universal imagination?
He can’t be proven by logic
He can only be retained by imagination faith
Ops, isn’t it a SHE?
It doesn’t matter
Applying it on me would only work with HE!
It would be awkward being a SHE!

But seriously, how far from reality it can be?
Didn’t it happen before?
Like with Jesus?
I have always wondered
Whether he always knew that he is the incarnated God
or he realized it suddenly when he turned 30

I am approaching my 30 next year!
Which sounds like a perfect timing to realize my holiness
But this time
I WONT let anyone crusify me
Not even YOU anonymous!

I won’t punish you either
and I won’t promise you of hell or heaven
I would add the dots to the lines
(in Arabic it means making things clearer because the Arabic font contains many dots)
and hold you responsible of your own misery

Because I GAVE you a BRAIN!
not just to carry on when you walk
but to use it and THINK!

And while I admit that I have created some people with better brain capacities than others
(I won’t claim to be a JUST)
but I know that each one of you can make himself happy with some simple thoughts
and without having to use the huge potentials I gave you in your brains

Stop looking around you
Stop looking behind in the past, or forward to the future
Stop looking for heavens
I am giving it to you
in this single moment

Just look me in the eyes
and smile
because I am your God
and I love you
and I created you to be happy


  1. Observer, as much as I like you, what contrasts God from his creation is His holiness. Perfect, Just, Mercy, all-knowing, all-seeing, everywhere present.I believe He did live among us, as Jesus Christ, the only ‘man’ every to walk the earth with all those attributes.And, I believe He created us not for our own happiness, but HOLINESS, for relationship with Him, for His good pleasure.When we, imperfect and messed up, walk on the path of His plan, it is then we are truly filled with joy.Blessings!


  2. KJ, um what? what do you think? 🙂Kinzi, I respect your and your belief. This is a no way a sarcasm on others beliefs. It is kind of a comical phylosophy. I guess that from a Chritian perspective, our pleasure is God’s. It is a father/Children relationship. Just connect with him and everything would be good.


  3. didn’t we comment on this topic before? inno it sounds so familiar.You know who should you talk to? Alanis Morisette. She asked that same question MANY years ago. 😉


  4. Lovely text 🙂I think we are all God/ess – like fractals! I also think we create the divine as well as it creates us (this is the “everflow”). What you think of and what you desire reflects on the sacred as well. Kind of like computer programming 🙂 Depending on the code you send out, you will get a certain matrix or program back….We need to change the old matrix and find the “original code” (perhaps called “Eden” by some?)Sending you many well-wishes for your brilliant ponderings!Kristinahttp://kristinasworld.wordpress.com


  5. Some people rely on reason, while others on heart to answer such philosophical questions.In my humble opinion, I myself used both to find my way to God. and I’ve chosen Islam as well.However, I encourage such open-mindedness way of thinking like yours. We should question everything. Every fact! Including our existence!🙂


  6. Hamza, we did discuss other aspects of God, but not being one your self. I remember Alanis song. I love it. Actually it pops up into my mind from time to time, and came up when I started writing this post.Kristina, actually I loved the quote you chose! I added to my personal message on MSN, added to my status on facebook, and wrote a post containing it here! 🙂We create our God as much as he create us. Nice way of thinking. I am glad you loved my pondering. It is inspired by you 🙂Abed Hamdan, thank man. You are right. There is no limit to our imagination. All the freedom we seek is giving inside us. You just have to break the glass people build around it.


  7. At last, GOD Appeared ….Dear Mr. GOD,why just be a good GOD and solve all the problems in earth and the first one to solve is let Radicals beleive in you, simply tell them “I will put you in Heaven regardless of all shit that you spread among people”


  8. Well, it typically is about how you “define” God… For example, in the Satanist perspective, God is a a relative figure… That is, for each person, that person is his own God… I am my own God, you are your own God…God being defined as the creator of the universe is the definition that Satanism follows. That is, Satanists believe that each person creates the universe he lives in. My ability to perceive the universe is what makes that universe exist in my own perspective… If my psyche (cognitive self) doesn’t exist, then the world to me doesn’t exist either. So I am the creator of my own universe.Thats one way to look at it. On the other hand, you are taking things from a different perspective. You are making an analogy to how Jesus in the Christian definition is a God… So that question that begs itself is: What special characteristics does Jesus have to be identified as God? and, is it possible that someone else would attain those qualities?!In that regard, you should look deeper into Christian theology to find what what is so special about Jesus.


  9. DM, actually this post is more about trying to feel what Jesus might have felt in the Christian story. It is accompanied with the fear of change where no one really know what might come next day. Who knows what each one of us would realize tomrrow? to each one of us his own world, maybe I would turn out to be my own God and everyone’s God as well! Scary, isn’t it? Where Jesus frightened when he realized it in the Christian story?


  10. I love it! I wish i had the courage to tell my wordpress blog harasser this, for he calls me the anti-christ because i have my way believing. a big sighhhhhhhh just venting marie


  11. Marie, I am glad you love it. Tell you blog harasser to just FUCK OFF 🙂Natasha! Mashi, ana bafargeeke 🙂Ops, isn’t he lazy? It took him 7 days to build the world! Then he RESTED! lol


  12. Wow, I truly believe God spoke through to you! I believe nearly the exact same thing as you except I believe God created a balance of all opposing forces called destiny (hard to exlpain), but maybe if you feel a buzzing in your heart God may tell you about destiny.


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