There is always a bigger *US*

One thing that we (human beings) fail to recognize
is that there is always
I mean literally it is
always a BIGGER *US*

Starting from self absorbed individuals
like the ones where their *US* is their OWN selves

Passing throught bigot tribal individuals where
their *US* is their family name

And through self righteous religious individuals where
their *US* is those who do believe exactly as they do
and abide with their set of rigid rules

And through blinded racists who believe
that their *US* can’t hold different colors
or eyes shape!

Ending by ALL of *US* on earth
That are bonded with humanity bond
Where we refuse to see that we can even be categorized
under another bigger *US* with aliens
because we occupy the same universe.

When you fight your brother, set your small family as a bigger *US*
When you fight your cousin. set your extended family as a bigger *US*
When you fight your neightbour, set your city inhabitants as a bigger *US*
When you fight on your country’s resources, set your country people to be your bigger *US*
When you fight your own Arab neighbours, set your race bond to give you a bigger *US*
When you fight Israel, Iran, USA, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, set you humanity to be your bigger *US*
and when you look at the skies, dreaming of a day to fight against aliens, remember that we all live under the same universe.

And if there is one that is all, who unlimited boundless entity that contains all of us. You would realize that all is one, and one is all, under the biggest *US* that defines God.


  1. This is awesome fadi, found a way to look at your blog at work LOL 😀 hehehehthis is an awesome blog!!!!! love light and peace mariehappy to see you are back to your normal peaceful mental state


  2. Hamza, sorry for disappointing you! Maybe I should writie a political post about the US soon.KJ, it went well actually. It was a marathon, but we were able to meeting at some point and agree on something.Marie, thank you! That is a lovely comment. I am so glad you like it. You always make my day with your encouragement. Yes, I am back to my peaceful mental state. The clouds have moved away and I can see the light coming. Thanks you again for bringing more light and peace into my life.


  3. Anonymous,I think you are gay , gay and trying to resist it that is where your anger is coming from , your attitude is typical for people who are gay and can’t admit it ..


  4. Natasha.just remeber that there is nothing wrong with being gay! it is a matter of personal choice and lifestyle. Some people like men and some like women,it is just natural.


  5. thoothoo,I totally agree with you, but people who have that kind of anger are usually gays that do not want to admit it, because they think there is something wrong about being gay, and they attack ppl the way Mr. anonymous did!if they were happy with themselves they wouldn’t do such things.


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