Tension all over the air!

Saturn seems to be residing in my zodiac these days.

There seems to be much tension around. There are a lot of things on my mind, and I feel so much disoriented with lots of negativity in the air.

Maggie Farah predicted a year full of challenges and risk for the Gemini! And she has been right so far. There has been no such challenges in my life since I finished my tawjihi! This year has been hard, with lots of loads at work, being allocated to different projects and getting more reposnsibilities by becoming a web developer in addition to my previous responsibilities as UI specialist. In addition, starting one’s small business seems not an easy task at all.

After some problems with the municipality to issue the licence which we haven’t yet get because it is pending on us to finish the decoration so that the health department can do their check up, we have face even a bigger challenge dealing with people to furnish the shop. We deligate all the matter to a relative of mine (lets name it X), who took all the responsibilities in return of an agreed amount of money.

Unfortunatly, the saying that you must never engage in business with a relative is true. I learnt it the hard way.

1. The project that supposed to end in a month, took 3 months so far and still needs some work.
2. The budget jumped 40% above what we had initially agreed on.
3. Nothing is finished completely and there are a lot of stuff that we are not happy with.
4. We feel cheated, with more and more money drawn from us as time goes on.

So me and my business partner (who happens to be my best friend), decided to end things with X. Enough is enough. He didn’t stick to our agreement, and he is keeping on asking for more money.

The other day we met with him and refused to pay him more. We asked for the keys and ended things up. He wasn’t happy, and neither were we, and so, things got escalated and my b-parnter and X were too close to have a fist fight!

Yesterday, X called and threatened me! He wants some more money that he claims that he paid from his own. He never got us real invoices, and the ones he brought the night of the fight were a joke! It was so obvious that he wrote them himself! Lol!

Anyway, we have set up a meeting tonight at my house to try to solve things! Hope it works and we reach to an agreement. (Kinzi, we need your prayers) 🙂

All this fuss has disturbed my inner peace. I can’t really focus and feel relaxed with such tension around. Yesterday, I felt a need to a positive move in my life, and so, and after a couple of months of not talking to a friend (10 years old friendship) because things haven’t been good between us as he got married and distanced himself from us. It didn’t suit me his changed behaviour, and thus, I kept some more distance myself with a couple of unappreciated moved from my part.

So yesterdya, I called him. He sounded serious at first, but when he heard my tone voice which I made it friendly and lovely, his attitude changed. We had a nice 4 minutes chat, asking about each other and breaking the ice built between us.

It was a needed positive move from me. I felt that I have been able to fix a 10 years old relationship with a small nice gesture. I burnt a small light that eased the darkness of this phase of time which brought to me some joy and lightened my heart.


  1. You sound like Santiago.You need positive energy, of course, tafa2alo bel khayr tajedooh. Be patient and inshalla things will work out.And all this tanjeem thing is nonsense. If you bother and look at all the other signs, they’d mostly apply to you as well. It is ridiculous. I do believe that there are cosmic forces of course and there is a divine interaction between our souls, bodies and surroundings, but I do not believe that by raising your hand in front of TV, someone in Lebanon or Dubai MBC studios will be reading your entire life.


  2. at your house? that’s not a good place to start fire.*calls the boys off*oh..by the way, we forgive you for the amount invoiced at “under the table” expenses. That’s our cut of the deal. 🙂


  3. well, im glad you called ur friend and cleared the air.If there are other people that things are not going well with them, why dont you call and clear things up as well 🙂 ull be surrounded with more positive energy. Good luck 🙂


  4. Kj, thanks, you know me, I usually look at the bright side. Inshallah we would work it out for good tonight! It has been a hectic period. I dont know about the zodiacs, I just like connecting the dots of mysterious things :P. It may means nothing. Hamza, it is not! We should stand firm on that! Allah yostor!


  5. Observer, haader. (the praying part)What an expensive lesson you and your friend have learned!I think the zodiac stuff is zift, as you know. Why not look to Jesus, who cast the stars into space himself? He is pursuing you, I believe.Good for you, pursuing relationship with your friend. Restoration of relationship (with boundaries, if needed) is always the goal.


  6. Well, I hope things will get better soon, and you will be able to solve the whole mess, so you are a Gemini too, mine wasn’t as easy either, I guess it’s not our year, I didn’t konow that till this moment, now it all makes sense.That was nice of you that you called your fiend, there is nothing better that getting back with an old friend to realize that some things never change..Good luck at your meeting tonight


  7. Sorry to hear all that, hope things will get betterMy advice is to never have business with a relative or a friend, that usually doesn’t work.


  8. Kinzi, thank you so much for your prayers! It worked! :). After a marathon of pushing and pulling, we finally reached an agreement yesterday! Not it is all behind us! Yeah, very expensive lesson! Now I learnt to check out and define clearly everything before giving my word.Why don’t you consider the signs as a tools of God to communicate with us? I am not a true believer in signs, neither in God. I like feeling the mysterious things. We can’t prove their existance, neither inexistance. I just can bring them into my own world, and feel them.Maioush, thanks for wishing me luck! I needed it :P. It turned out to be okay! Finally!See, now we have another Gemini feeling the heat this year! It is the years of challenges and risks for us! I guess next year would be the one of gaining the results of our hard work this year! I am so looking forward to it 🙂Hareega, thanks for the advice! I should keep that in mind next time I am going to do business with anyone! 🙂


  9. Observer, IF that X bastard didnt settle for what your offering then you gotta call me, I can FIX this :), الدعسة الفجائية gang style Hope things get better, and they will !


  10. Bashar, thank you man. It is good to know that I have such support :P. I guess it is solved for now. I am not really happy about the agreement, but I am glad it is behind us! Time to move on…


  11. Mabrook Partner no worries at least now we can concentrate on the other things still to do.I still can’t believe OUR friend didnt ask about me:(


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