*Update: Vote for your favourite Jordanian female blogger!

** Update:
Sorry guys, I have removed the poll. It was a bad move of me to imitate Qwaider. It is unlike me. I feel a bit disoriented now. Will be back with better topics inshallah. NO MORE POLLS on this blog.

Qwaider, I apologize for ruining it to you. Please carry on with the voting please, you still can do it after you finish with the males voting. I know that you are better than me in this.

Female blogger contestents, sorry for cut it off. You are all winners for me. Each one of you is a star on her own. You make the sky of our blogsphere shine. Wish you all the best.


Now that Qwaider has a contest on his blog for the favourite Jordanian male blogger where he left females out of it this time, and because not only that I am a great supporter for women rights, but also because it seems that all of the blogshpere are focusing on Qwaider’s blog because of the competition where there seem no way to attract them back except with a similar poll! lol

In addition to that, we have some really excellent women bloggers. Most of them have a sense of compassion, tenderness and style in their writings that you don’t find in their male counterparts.

I know that you would find a hard time picking in between those big blogger names.

Good luck


  1. Qwaider, saba2tak! lolMohannad, how come? it only allowed me to vote once! I checked explicitly enabled the option of not allowing people to vote from the same computer or the same ip address!


  2. Why man whyyyyyyyy??? What’s the purpose of these polls dude? Your blog was really doing great until I saw this, why do you care man? I’ms sure half the blogarjiyyeh included in the poll don’t care about it (or at least wouldn’t make a difference what the result is). I hope you and Qwaider will bear with me, but these polls can bring more visitors but they destroy the quality of the blog.


  3. and how come I am on your blogroll and not in the poll? What is your criteria (and Qwaider’s) for picking these specific blogs?


  4. Oula, you were going to be on my poll! I swear!Hareega, mine is purely for fun. Nothing more, nothing less. And quite frankly, I wish I added you thereBut this copycat ruined it! Ya alloood!


  5. Observer, this is VERY sweet. An honor to be mentioned among such luminaries.Although I feel very much a part of the Jordanian blogosphere, shouldn’t it be the time for just the Urduniyya girls to shine? 😀


  6. hareega, actually this is only for fun. I understand what are you talking about ruining a blog’s quality which I thought about before taking this move, but then I remembered how happy I was when I read my name on Qwaider’s list, and thought of giving such credit to those female bloggers whom I love.Oula, actually I like your blog, and your writings but don’t see you much active in the blogsphere. You don’t write too often, right? Qwaider, hehehe, this is for fun as well :P, sorry for copying you! You left us no choice of taking all the blogsphere 🙂Kinzi, you are one of us! Jordanian as all of the other females. You all can shine togather. The sky has space enough for many stars to shine 🙂globalaroma, hehehee, you got a point 😛


  7. Oh my god, thank you Fadi, I’m honored to have my name on that list, I was surprised really!!! Thank you so much, I don’t know what to say.


  8. I feel like I am with kids in kindergarten. This complains why she wasn’t included and this is pissed off that somebody stole the idea from him and etc.Shu hal habal..or maybe I am pissed for not being included in the first one. 😛


  9. Observer, hey, it may not have been your usual style, but it was a cute idea and very affirming of us lady bloggers. Thank you for the heart and intention behind the action. 🙂


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