The feminine face of God

It is amazing how a very simple idea can change your whole perspective of life. You feel like you are newly born where everything that you have thought of before and memorized has different meanings than what you used to think off.

Paulo Coelho’s writings have this effect on me. Whenever I read a couple of pages from his books, something changes in my perspective of life, and thus it is reflected on my way of thinking and on my behaviour and life in general.

In his book “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept” (Thank you RedRose for lending me it), he introduced me to the feminine face of God. An aspect of the creator that I haven’t really thought of before, neither even tried to felt it or reflect it on the world around me.

God has always been a male figure to me. While there is not true sex identification of God in Christianity or Islam for him being a supreme spiritual being, it has always been a HE when mentioned. In English, it is God not Goddess, in Arabis it is Allah, not Allaha! And then you have God’s son being male and his major prophets being males as well.

Paulo points out the feminine Goddesses that exists in most of the cultures around the world, from pre-abrahamic religions such as Isis, Ashtar, Aphrodite, …etc to the Virgin Mary and Holy Spirit figures in Christianity.

While most Christians would argue the concept of Virgin Mary as a Goddess which is not a clear concept for many who percieves her as a human being who happened to deliver the manifestation of God to the world, her being referred to as a God’s mother does give her a Goddess qualities.

In the other hand, the holy spirit, as mentioned in the link to the wickipedia article above, used to be mentiond as a feminine entity in old scriptures.

I have considered before a world-less God, it changed my perception of everything. The world sounded meaningless and cold. It scared me to the point that I have never really was able to let it go.

Now, I am considering a female Goddess. I don’t want to loose the male attributes of a God as well. But feeling the feminine side of God does make my world brighter. The feeling of her tenderness covering me makes me happy.

Our world does have a feminine face



  1. I let go this subject long time ago .. and I am happy.. but your post reminded me of a song I love :<>strength of a woman<>“So amazing how this world was made,I wonder if God is a woman.The gift of life astounds me to this day,I give it up for the woman.She’s the CONTSTANT WIND THAT FILLS MY SAIL,That’s a woman.With a smile and a style,She’ll protect you like a child,That’s a woman.”< HERF=""> Here <>are the complete lyrics


  2. its an interesting concept to think of God as a female entity rather than male one. But the truth is that God might be neither male nor female. In fact, I don’t think it even matters.


  3. Natasha, I am glad you are happy. You can just apply it as a mind game. Imagine a feminine face of God, it would change your perspective of life.Rami, thanks man. What’s up with all you testing messages?!?!Hamza, it is more of a feminine side of God rather than an entire female entity. I guess it does matter because subconsiously you associate your perspective of life with a masculine God, even when you pray, you imagine a masculine entity. Try imagining it as a feminine one, won’t you feel more tenderness and compassion to the whole world around you?


  4. You’re taking feminism and masculinity too literally, my friend. Human minds can only think of things within a minuscule frame. You cannot say the feminine or masculine side of God because these are human terms which we invented and subjected ourselves to, and it is completely and utterly silly that one would even think to apply this concept to God.Paulo’s story isn’t necessarily to show you the “feminine” side of God but rather to tell people that God is not about war and blood and stuff, but is something that is only how WE humans perceive God. You can think of God as male or female or sexless or masculine or feminine or with so many aspects. It is ridiculous – Paulo is telling us that what we see in God is what we see in ourselves because this is the only limit and frame we can think in


  5. hi fadi. We are sorry that we are messing up with your blog. But we are demonstrating to the QA guys that … ok forget about the way you should use captcha, bad guys are everywhere.


  6. KJ, actually you have a point, but if you really think about it, our perception of God is masculine even when we say that he doesnt have sex! and it is reflected on our perception of the entire world! When you think about feminine side of him, it makes you think of things in a different light. It does really change your life. You can feel it yourself. Imagine God a mother instead of a father, and feel it. Tester, would you please stop? PLEAE? I prefer to keep it easier on people to comment that is why I dont use the catchpa! Please dont push me to use it 😦


  7. Fadi, I don’t have to imagine God as a female or a mother for it to have a different impact on my life. When it comes to God, I do not associate female or male qualities even if we call God a Him and address Him as such. For me, these concepts do not have any value when it comes to God, because I don’t have to see God in any specific way to feel or appreciate Him/Her/It


  8. Kj, ofcourse you dont have to do anything! I am just saying how such a thought may affect your entire perception of life. You say that you dont associate God with either maculinity or femininity, I believe that maybe you subconciously do so, I may be wrong. You know better. I will take your words for it 🙂


  9. As I also wrote on my blog:Thank YOU! I was “guided” to your blog by a series of circumstances and I loved it too! I am very picky but I just kept reading and reading… There is something about your tone of voice that is downright lovely. From what you write, I must assume you are a “King of Wands”? You managed to get your opinion through without preaching and still retaining your personality (I always admire someone who dares to keep a certain “vulnerability” and not hide behind a “guru mask”)So thank YOU, Observer.Kristina


  10. It is not only in By the River Piedra I sat Down and Wept.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Paulo Coelho<> also discusses the < HREF="http:/" REL="nofollow">sacred feminine<> in < HREF="" REL="nofollow">The Witch of Portobello<> and in conversation with Juan Arias.


  11. I am glad to look at things in a different perspective… God is so big we can not possibly condition our human minds which we dont even use to highest capacity..n its not necessary looking at things at a different perspective…its actually elevating our consciousness to get closer to God. There are so many mysteries and secrets. And remember what sets us free is the truth and what makes u slaves is ignorance…so invite and challenge urselves to step out of ur human mind perseption which is about 10 n some may use less than that… dont wash urself in ur intelligence because u dont know it all… some ppl dont have interest to care and thats y they will always be mediorkers in life a followers of paganism…

    If you just look at the world every creation is made by the same strategies…mating… everything has a feminime and masculine side… our genes… animals… everything in pairs…if God made the world in his image how can u deny that God doenst have a feminine side??? if we are his children… all children have mother and father..all… God does everything in order…he says you must honor ur mother and father… one of our duties is to mate and do we do that? he made eve for adam so adam wont be alone…sooooo how does God know that he would need a woman??? he knows the feminine side…


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