Touch is magic

I type each day hundreds of letters on my keyboard. Always in a rush, hitting my fingers on its keys without even looking at it in order to be able to check the output of the letters on my screen.

It is like many other acts that I do in my daily life, happen in a rush, on an auto-pilot mode, having to do the task without really seizing the enjoyment of the moment and feeling the joy of my senses.

The same happens when you eat in a rush, when you drink, when you pee, when you talk to a friend. We become aware that our lives are passing without really living it because there are always other things in our minds that differs than the one thing at hand in the current moment.

Our senses is a gift. Like we forget the magic of every single picture our eyes shoot, we forget the magic of every single tough our fingers type. Typeing on a keyboard shouldn’t be a hectic task of speed and tiresome. It is an interaction between your flesh and the different keys that represent the language which defines your awarnace of the objects of the life around you.

Those letters are not rigid.

They can initiate the most intense feelings and share them with others.

You can be creative.

Play with the words and feel it

L – O – V – E

I can feel your smile now

Y – o – u – r a – w – a – r – n – a – c – e of the magic of your keyboard letters.

And your break from your auto-pilot mode to look closer at your fingers, feel every single touch on each key in joy and love for what they represent and how they make you feel ALIVE.

T – O – U – C – H
is magic


  1. so you are saying that the next time I wanna pee, that I should do it slowly, relax my muscles and embrace the burning feeling and try to draw graffiti with it?😛


  2. Maioush, thanks, and I am happy now that you are typeing slowly 🙂Kj, but you can feel more love with every single touch 😛Roba, 🙂DM, lol! In what way?Hamza, I guess that it would be hard to slow down while peeing, but you can actually focus on it and enjoy it, dont you enjoy it? it is a pleasure! 😀


  3. I agree, “Touch” is totally magic 🙂But I must say, for me, typing really fast is a joy and, well, a “rush” lol 😉 I just enjoy both the way the rapid tapping feels and the fact that I can communicate in this way just almost as fast as I speak.Even so, I’m in complete agreement that, for the most part, we should slow down and e-n-j-o-y! 🙂Peace,Dove


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