"The Secret" – Another step towards Heaven

The Secret is released to the world! This ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries… to reach you and humankind.

Have the secret of the universe beein there through that ages as the book claims? Or have it only been revealed to some of the people who were closer to heavens than the rest of us where it is time to reveal to more people because we are so close to reach our ultimate happiness – Heaven?

Would the judgement day be a real day of judgement where people get devided into Heaven and Hell? or would it be a day to declare that the human race have achieved their goals and walked the path that has been set from Hell (the moment Adam and Eve were dismissed from Heavens) to Heaven where we (as a human race), learnt through pain and hard work, how to achieve Heaven on earth.

We are destined. We are just observing souls in our bodies. What is going to happen is going to happen. The path has been set since the dawn of time. With a mere slight intelligent, or even further before that with the creation of the first living cell, our environment have been set to help our evolution to reach the goal that has also been set at the start.

You can’t appreciate light without experiencing dark. We had to go through Hell in order to achieve Heavens. What we had to go through as human beings would lie in our memories, in our DNA and in our history. It would be our constant reminder and happiness drug to appreciate the Heaven that we achieved with our sweat and hard work.

I once wondered whether God have forgave Adam and Eve. More and more men are getting their daily food without a real sweat. More and more women are delivering babies without any kind of pain. Life is getting easier than ever. Our evolution is faster than ever as well.

So is it a surprise to reveal the secret with this kind of impact on people around the world at this point of time? I don’t think it is. I guess it is just another phase of our evolution. A phase were we learn to think positivly and more closer to Heaven.

Heaven is too close. Enjoy it!


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  2. I doubt it should be called “the” secret but rather “a” secret as there is no ultimatum in the universe


  3. I have used the secret for over a year and it really works..I heard about the law of attraction from Dr. Ebrahim elfikky for the first time then I got Brain tracy’s CD n I start using it … you dont have to be negative about these stuffs..first examine them then you can judge


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