Thanks to the effort of the King, the Queen, the Jordanian government, the people of Jordan, and everyone who voted for Petra. This amazing ancient city does deserve its place among the new 7 wonders of the world.

Jordan has been set on the world’s touristic map. Expect more tourists and a better future for all of us.


  1. Yes that’s really good.Petra is definitely a new world wonder and it should be it’s just wonderful.But i must say when i saw the seven new wonders i am not sure i am convinced.the pyramids are not included in the new wonders i mean they were in the old wonders of the world also the acropolis so i think the voting technique shouldnt be the only way.But thank god the statue of liberty or the opera house werent included either coz it would have been really silly.Anyways i am happy for petra:)


  2. Mohannad, allah yebarek feekDM, exactly! Lets work on that!Nass, I was wondering how are you feeling for not listing the Acropolis among the wonders! Greeks should have voted more 😛Marie, You should come for a visit. Petra is a real wonder 🙂Saadna, yes, it is way cool, you should come and check it out yourself 🙂Kj, Lol man! It would be a blast!


  3. والله شعبنا ألاردني ضايع ما بين الخزعبلات والمهاتارات,ليس هناك شئ أسمه أولاويات لهدا الشعب المغيب عن الواقع المؤلم والكارثي,الشعب الاردني من أكثر الشعوب المتخدره،،هناك المجازر والقتل علي جنب وطرف من الشرق والغرب ونحن نترقوص ونتخلوع علي شئ لن ليقدم أو يؤخر في حياتنه ،،،أستيقظ أيها الشعب المغيب والمخدر قبل فوات ألاوان


  4. You may read about other < HREF="" REL="nofollow">wonders of the world<> in my post if you wish…


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