What a bad luck on my bday!

What a bad luck I had on my birthday!

I know that it sounds childish, but even at my 29 years old age, I look forward for my birthday. I do like the feeling of being special on that day where people who love me celebrate my birth.

Unfortunatly, this year, I had a terrible day. Although, my family and friends worked hard to make me happy, still no one could change the bad luck I had on 15th of June. I guess that I should have read Maggie Farah book for this specific day in order to try to avoid what happened!

I had the first sign early in the morning at 8:00 AM with a message from Fastlink informing me that my mobile phone is disconnected because I surpassed my limit for this month! The bad luck is all connected. Two days before that I called to check for Paulo Coelho event signing in Amman. I didn’t know that they charge 1$ per minute, and I was disappointed later on to know that he has cancelled his trip to Jordan because of this. Which was the first bad sign (I should start listening when such things happen).

Anyway, the plan was to go to the dead sea with my friends. Everything went smoothly and we had a good time swimming. I was happy except for the my phone being disconnected where I couldnt reply to people sendinf me text wishes. I even forgot about my phone on our way back home where suddenly I felt something wrong with the car. I thought it was the tire or the gear. I stopped it aside to check things up. The tires were okay, and the gear was okay as well. I tried to switch it on again but it didn’t work. I picked up my cell phone to call my father but I realized it is disconnected! Thank God I had friends with me in the car. I used my friend cell phone. My father suggest for me to wait till the car cool down. I did that but it didn’t happen.

A couple of guys came to my rescue. One of them figured out what is the problem. Obviously it was *e2shat el seder* (I have no idea what it is in english). There was no way to move the car except to bring a winch to pull it to Amman. I couldn’t leave it there because it was a dark area where thieves would steal it. The guys contacted a winch driver who asked for 70 jd! I thought it is too much, and tried to figure out my options. As I lost hope and wanted to call him back, another winch crossed by us like a gift being sent from the sky! We stopped him and asked him to pull the car to byader wadi el seer. He asked to 35 jd. I had no choice but to accept.

Me and my friend stayed in the car on the top of the winch during the ride to Amman! It was a weird experience! When we reached Amman, we parked the car infront of the mechanic shop. Next day I stayed for 6 hours in the mechanice shop till he fixed it! It costed me 90 jd! What a happy birthday I had!

Fortunatly the day before my birthday and the day after it kind of made it up for me. I had two celebrations, one on thursday night, and another surprise party on saturday night. I got a perfume, vodka bottle, a painting case, painting training book, ‘Blink’ book and a Swatch watch.

And I got a lot of gifts and birdthday wishes on facebook.

Thank you all for making my birthday special.

Wish the zodic were with me! :S. Go saturn go! I hate you!


  1. what a bad luck, well i would like t osay look at the bright side but sadly couldnt find it here 🙂 hope next time will be different


  2. Really bad luck, in English it’s the timing belt, it’s connected to the Cam to synchronize the opening and closing of the valves, but look at the bright side, you enjoyed your birthday and now you can travel around the earth twice with your car and you won’t face the same problem, wish you happy days 😉


  3. Bel3aks man, think of it this way. Your birthday showed you how good a bunch of friends you had!W add me 3al facebook


  4. Thanks Bashar, I hope that I would never get such a birthday!Husam, timing belt! I have to memorize it! You are right, I have to wait for another 60,000 km to change it! Imagine how much of a bad luck i had! 🙂KJ, sure it has showed that :). I will add you to my facebook.


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