Envying old people

What a wonderful weekend! Me and my friend had a special offer at Kempinski hotel Dead Sea. The hotel is amazing, very luxurious with a sense of modern spa combined with an old Iraqi civilization theme.

The best part is that I was able to RELAX!

After a long week working, banging my head with various stuff, I was able to free it completely and enjoy my time laying under the sun.

On Sunday morning while having my breakfast with my friend. An old lady sitting beside of us caught my attention.

So I suddenly said: You know what? I envy old people.

My friend look at me wondering where this came from, so I continued trying to explain the odd thing I just have said: I envy old people because other people don’t expect them to work hard. In the contrary when ever an old man/woman wanted to do something, other people would ask them not to tire themselves! They ask them to RELAX! Something that I can’t get enough from!

He shook hid head in disbelieve and said: How lazy are you looking forward to get old just to have the right to relax?!

I laughed and tried to explain myself in a tricky way: Actually I am just trying to look at the bright side of getting old.

He rolled his eyes and said: Alright, as if I believe you!


  1. I hear you bro. The only thing keeping me from going to the beach is the fact that I have to actually GO there.


  2. now you found some who support you! 🙂ok, honestly, i never heared, some one YOUR age, saying that they are looking forward to get old 🙂 or that THEY ARE LOOKING FORWARD for RETIREMENT!!!! 🙂 walak it’s the other way around! old people would do anything to be young again 🙂and you are saying “I cant wait to get old, so that no one ask me to do anything!” 🙂now how LAZY is that! :)..enno u have ur whole life ahead of you, you will relax as much as you can :P..


  3. hehehe, mmmm, I am looking at the bright side of being old Haithoom 😛Actually I guess that I am not aware of how painful it is loosing your health and not being able to move like when you are young. It is coming anyway. I guess each age has its own advantage. I love my youth, and hope to love my senior years 🙂


  4. Yeah right! u were totaly looking at the bright side! :):PThen, you wont have muscles, and wont be able to get involved in fist fights! 😉well, yes, its very hard not being able to do stuff on ur own, i’ve kinda experienced that,not personaly. but its hard, even the closest people to you, you will feel that you are giving them a hard time, it realy sux!Exactly, its coming anyway, so enjouy ur time now, be thankful, and for you hoping to like your senior years, well…i can definetly tell you that you will! ;)..


  5. Well…there are a lot of nice things about getting old, just like having good things about getting you…also you do not have to be unhealthy when you get old!! you can have health and wealth at your old age. try to enjoy your youth, for sure it is not lasting for a long time!!!


  6. I always wish that I won’t live beyond the age of 50. and If I did, then I’d retire in Canada. I’ll spend it traveling, playing golf, volunteering community workbut tell me..which one is better? Kempinski or Marriot?


  7. well after working hard all thier life they have the right to relax..bas ya3ni that is good now you are looking forward to aging instead of dreading it:)


  8. Summer, thx for saying this. I guess I will be enjoyin my senior years as much as I am enjoying my youth (inshallah :P)Hamza, don’t say that man, inshallah you’ll live for 200 years, not just 50 :).I love the Mariott, but maybe the kempinski is a little bit more luxurious. Maybe the Mariotti better if you go with a group of young people while kempinski is better if you want to relax.Sam, you are right, they deserve it. I hope to earn that right as well 🙂7aki Fadi, I never got bored laying on the bearch 😛


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