1. Hey Fadi, i have few things to say. the idea is great. but its not convincing. imagine you are a CEO of a company and you read the line ” we prefer products of companies who do more charity” firstly, you used the word prefer, its not powerful enough, secondly relating company to charity is weird. on what basis would a company do charity. its really confusing. what kind of charity, charity as a word is the right pick, go for something like we support products of those who serve a good cause. coz charity has to do with money,, this is just my opinion.


  2. Kinzi, you can right click on the banner and save it on your desktop, then on your blog you can upload it. I am not sure how Word Express works but their must be an option for you to upload images to your template 🙂Tala, I agree, it doesn’t have to be just money. Good cause is a good idea. I will create another banner options. Each one can use what he sees more suitable and deliver the right message. Hamede, this is good as well. I’ll create a banner with this option too.


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