Nawawi VS Manawi! lol

In the first gulf war in 1991, there was a great belief in Amman that Saddam Hussem would most certainly stike with a nuclear weapon!

In Arabic “Nuclear” is translated as “Nawawi”, while “Sperm” is translated as “Manawi”. Notice the similarity in spelling?

My mother’s grandma used to say – by mistake – Saddam will strike with his “Manawi” which means that he will stike with his sperm when she meant that he will strike with his nuclear weapons! lol. People tried to correct her, but she couldn’t realize her mistake. They still make fun of the incident.


  1. its funny i wish i could have been sitting around listening to her 🙂 sounds like something my grandma would say also🙂 Marie


  2. Jasim, I guess yes, the do say funny things 🙂Marie, hehehe, I wish the same! lol. I just heard about that before yesterday from my mom.Devil’s mind, really? I didn’t know that! lolAbed Hamdan, lol, wala gossa wala she, bus hek ba7eb a7ke bel sex! 😛


  3. Wallah it is good you moved to talking about sex , much better that talking about your bathroom experience over lunch lol I will never forget the facial expressions at Integrant at lunch time 🙂


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