Saadna Blog: I love her style of writing

This woman cracks me up. I always check Saadna’s blog for new posts hoping to get a smile or a laugh.

This 18 years old young girl has a deep perception of life along with a sence of innocence and strong humor writing skills.

I do love her style in writing.

She tells a story in peotric sence. She writes sentences below each other paragraphs like in poems. She says something, then contradict herself in the second line, then give another perspective in the third line, then a funny comment which only puzzles you and force you to laugh.

She goes like this:

“I love RED dresses the most
Actually I love GREEN dresses the most
Well, to be honest, I don’t really like dresses

I only love the one I wore in my cousin’s wedding
It was RED, very RED

That is not the reason I loved it
It was because everyone loved it
Especially that handsome guy
who kept on hitting on me all the night
*Keep it between us*
I was the one who hit on him

Well, I knew he noticed me first
It doesn’t matter anyway
Because he loved the dress
I mean, He loved me
No, he loved the dress
or is it the dress?
I don’t know.

No it is me.”

Saad, what do you think? Was I able to write like you? 🙂


  1. *Blushes*I am so embarrassed and shocked to find this here! Right now I’m speechless, which is so NOT like me… 😛


  2. observer, saadna’s blog about the red dress reminds me a lot by a song that belongs to feiruz ” elli 7elo w mabrouk halfestan..” it talks about a dress, a lovely dress that she bought, n she wear it only for the sake to please the cute guy in the party.. n she didn’t care about all what pple says, even though the dress was very elegant and she looked charmy, she ws careless, but only for her guy… ” nice blog, nice style in writing saadna.


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