Accidents warning

I don’t really believe in zodiacs and the effect of distanced planet on us, but sometimes I feel that it is time for a certain thing. Like for instance someone looking for a job getting two or more job offers in the same day or someone not doing well in his exams that he has done in the same day or week, or having a day where everything get broken down at home…

There is no real scientific evidence about the relation of these things, but while trying to observe things around me, maybe it is just an illusion that I have built, but whenever things go bad, I tell myself it is just a period and would go, maybe it is the zodiac moving or something else, but there seem to be something hidden affecting things to act in a certain way at a certain time.

Today, yesterday and before yesterday I have witnessed many accidents. There has been a really big accident in Al Rabieh near my house before yesterday afternoon. Yesterday I saw a couple of crashed cars and today I have seen another couple. I have even read on Tamara’s blog about how she found her car crashed.

I have been wondering what’s up with people these days. It is a bit scary watching all those accidents in the same day. I have just seen a car without its front parking infront of my work when I got back from lunch break. I saw another one being pulled by a truck in Abdoun and a third one crashed and parked in Abdoun as well.

Maybe there are some reality to the zodiac thing. Maybe it is the moon, or maybe it is bad weather. I have no idea.

I just want to warn you guys to drive carefully these days. It seems to be the period of accidents!


  1. hmm, i donno how ppl can be still skeptic bout planetary movements, its n ot zodiac its astronomy! manazel il qamar bet7arrek bi7aar il 3alam, il mad wil jazer is due to that.. ppl are made of 70% water thus planetary positions DO IN FACT have an effect. thats my humble theory. and it fits!


  2. Verbal Alcehmy, the relation between planet and us isn’t that clear. Yes, the gravity of the moon can effect the water of the seas but it doesn’t mean that everything can be dictated by the movement of other planets which lie far away even from the moon. I know that everything in this world is connected, but yet the effect of those planets cannot be explained scientifically.


  3. Maybe it’s the reckless people, getting impatient with the rising temperatures which causes them to be irritable and losing their focus and temper causing them to do all sort of crazy thingsIt’s a well known fact that summer has more problems than winter especially in August where issues escalate to a global scale sometimes. Same goes for the full moon, it drives the number of incidents in any police station up. But the heat part is more evident, and that’s one proof that we’re affected by stars, in this case, the nearest starAnyway, who knows! 🙂 There are way too many variables in the equation of astronomy to be able to factor it in on on a Human!


  4. It is wiered that you belive or at least somehow believe that stars has anything to do with our lifes..If you believe that stars may have this effect then isn’t believing in god and fate will be more relevant, or maybe we can say that god built a relation between objects in the sky and the fate of people on planet earth?!I don’t know;)


  5. Hmmm.. I noticed that, I kept receiving bad news, and I felt that there is a huge grey cloud above. .many people said It’s not my day (not my week indeed) I don’t believe too much in Zodiac but its weird how all these bad things happening at the same time as common issue… I said to my self oh my god I am listening to over dose of negative words… news..! it’s over ..but always a sunny day came a after a dark dawn. I try to turn my attention to positive issues and it would be better coz I know the better days are coming soon 🙂


  6. Mohannad, maybe! I don’t know whether the whole thing is true or not, but sometimes you can sense it. RedRose, inshallah this whole bad phase would go quickly! Khalas I don’t want to see more accidents or hear any bad news! In the meantime be careful while driving 🙂


  7. The cloud has gone 🙂 I don’t have license to drive already 🙂By the way observer do u work in IFP for International Fairs ? those who organise Rebuild Iraq fair..sorry for the question,,but an employee there phoned me at office his Name Fadi Haddad and I don’tkjnow why I thought it would be you :)or it’s common name Fadi Haddad :)?


  8. Hey, I definitely believe in some of the zodiac. I work in the emergency/trauma center at my hospital and when there is a full moon anything can and does happen. When I visited Amman, it was a full moon and my friend and I had a big, big acciddental misunderstanding, he will not even speak to me anymore. We are both of the same zodiac sign, only he is more stuborn and moody then me.


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