King Abdullah II pushing for peace

I have been watching the movement of King Abdullah II in the past few months and his persistance and constant pushing towards coming up with a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Every day or two you read the headlines in the Jordanian newspapers about the efforts of the king to push this matter forward. Whether it is a meeting with high officials of the US administrator, a press conference or release to the American/Arabic or Iseraeli median, or even constant talks with Arab leaders, the efforts of the King has never worn out.

King Abdullah has been reminding the world for months now that it is the time to solve this conflict. With his position and responsibiliy as an Arabic leader, he seems to have a vision of improving the life of the people of Arab world in general, and the people of Jordan and Palestine in particular. Unfortunatly this can not be done without finding a solution for the conflict that has worn out the whole region for the past 60 years.

Since he claimed his position as the king of Jordan. King Abdullah and accompanied with Queen Rania, have been working in parallel to improve most of the sectors that form the Jordanian economy. While their job has showed its fruits with the measured improvement on the Jordanian economy and accomplishment, it has been strained by the conflicts taking place in the region.

The Palesitian-Israeli conflict are percieved to be the major set back of any imporvement of life for the people living in this region. King Abdullah is very aware of that, and seems to be focused to solve it in a time where the majority of people from both sides including the Palestinian and Israeli leaders have reached dispair.

A single voice with such strength of this young king can made a change. He does give me a hope for a brighter future where we can put aside the fear of war and concentrate of imrpoving our lives. If anyone can make, then it is our King.

In a region full of darkness, I feel that we, Jordanians, are very lucky to have this ray of light born to warm us, then spread around us to cover our brothers around the neighbourhood.


  1. They have been doing that since 1994 when we first signed the peace treaty, and peace in this time with this israeli government will not work simply because it has lost its credibility within the israeli public, its approval rate is now less tha 10%, I call on you to read isralei newspapers and check out the comments that the readers leave about the king and olmert..So I say “good luck”, the time of good intentions has gone..The Aipac and the evangelicals in the US are agianst any pull out of any lands that israel is now occupying.When lebanon was invaded you should have seen the prayers that were held here, you should have seen the picture of poor little israeli girls who couldn’t go party or even go to school , but the forgot to show the motherF$G%ing arab kids whom their body parts where all over the place..Observer: It is an ideolgy war, I see their propaganda here in the US and it is just disgusting!!I hope there will be peace but I don’t know If you remember Rabin and what happened to him, and that was simply a message to later PMs…I some time wonder what will happen if king hussein god bless his soul was here?!


  2. Mohannad, I am aware of the history of the peace process. Yes, I know that most people from both sides don’t believe in it anymore. We hate each other, we don’t trust each other, and we wish the other party to fade away. Unfortunalty this ain’t happening. We have to deal with constant batteling and fights till someone sane stands up and force us to stop.I guess that Queen Rania has always said it, the battle isn’t between Islam and Christianity or Jewdism, it is between us and extremists on both sides. Extremists who have only caused us death and destruction throughout the past decade. If you haven’t noticed, last year it seemed that peace is not reachable. When Hamas got in charge in Palestine, things got worst, very worst for both parties, but now, and thanks to King Abullah II, there seems to be some hope.He managed to shake things up. He is really pushing for it. Recently he even managed to bring the Arab leaders in order to revive their offer for Israel. If anyone can do it, this it is king Abdullah. I really feel that he is about to make a change this time.


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