I am loveable

Inspite of the opposite stand most of the commenters on my yesterday’s post took of not likeing to hear anyone talking loudly about a good quality in him, I still see that sometimes it is good to talk about someone’s own goodness.

I feel myself a loveable person. I don’t know whether my perception of myself being loveable is due to me loving the person I am where I assume that other people love me, or is it because of my love to myself I make people love me, or is it that I am living in my own world where I assume that people love me where most of them don’t and those who show me love are only pretending, or is it something in between where there are people who love me and there are those who don’t.

I believe that the life of a person depends on how he sees it. A person who hates himself would percieve life in general as a dark entity where everything look clouded and sad, while a person who loves himself would look at life as a colorful place where people love each other and everything is shiny.

I also believe strongly in the saying that one can’t love anything else untill he loves himself and that one can’t help anyone else untill he helps himself.

It is not that I am trying to flaunt here, and it isn’t like talking about a quality in me to exaggerate it or make people see what they weren’t seeing. It is merely an acknowledgment of how I feel about myself.

Along with a lot of boundaries we put upon ourselves, we let what we think can be inappropriate hold us from celebrating the goodness in ourselves. I stand firmly with what I posted yesterday. There is no harm in complimenting one’s self as long as you are not doing it at some other one’s expense.


  1. I guess, stating your positive image of the self is important under the appropriate circumstances.For example, if someone asks you to talk about yourself, it makes sense to tell them how lovable you think you are.It makes perfect sense, to write your achievements in a CV for example.Telling your friends about your good qualities that they can count on, is also a good example of when it is a positive thing to mention your “ups”.And regarding that you think other love you because you love yourself is true. It is hard to imagine that people love you when you don’t think you are lovable. Your inner attitude does affect your perspective on the external world.


  2. Qwaider, thx, I was wondering how much love is left after our last debate! lolHaitham, thx, I know :P. Love you too. Anonymous, what does being gay have to do with this post? lolDevil’s mind, exactly! I am glad another person agree with me on this 🙂


  3. <>— continuation from yesterday<> am getting ur points confused, I love to be narcistic but I don’t say it infornt of others.if anything I prefer to hear whats bad about a person before i hear the good.so yeah which one did u mean ? the voice in ur head telling u “am lovable” Or “hey *insert random person name, or even FSM*. hey know am lovable right ? am so lovable right ? I knew it, am just adorable”—> thats annoying <---If you love ur self, then it doesn’t equate to more people loving you. it just means you’ll not be hurt when people reject you which is even better 😛


  4. Yes no-angel, I know when it can be annoying. I am not saying for one to be narcistic. I am just asking for people to acknowledge the goodness in them. It is not wrong to state it out.It can be right if you love yourself and only yourself, but if you love yourself you would find it more appropriate to love the others and therefore having more love in return 🙂


  5. I can tell you Observer what gayness has to do here… It just seems that two GUYS are publicly declaring their LOVE to you….I, too, am wondering if there are more gays around this blogosphere more than we thought….But, thats okay… Its a free country!!


  6. Devil’s mind, ops, I havent thought of that! lol. I guess the anonymous person doesn’t live in the Arab world. It would be more awkward to have women declaring that they love me (even as friendship) that havent men friends saying it. Welcome to the Arab world!


  7. THis is true Observer, The life a person does depend on how he sees it.Its called the Law of attraction! A Great Secret!You are loved and alway be true to you! Marie


  8. well Fadi, i guess it should be ok to compliment yourself as long as you are being sincere and you are 🙂 i dont know if its a good thing or not but people tend to question why you or anyone acted this way, sometimes we dont take things as is, going with the line of thought that there should be something behing this action.. but yes you are lovable


  9. Marie, law of attraction? :). I guess that there are things in life that we realize naturally without knowing its name.Thank you.Mohannad, lol 🙂Tala, thx, you put it nicely.


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