The race bond

Recently I have met several young men/women from different Arab countries. In my trip to Dubai I have met the fashion designers who participated in Mission Fashion last year, and who came from different the Arab countries to compete for the Lancome Award in Dubai. Last week, a nice young woman from Tunis came to Jordan for a visit where I had the chance to interact with her and know her better as a good friend. Last year a good friendship was built between me and another two Arab guys where one came lebanon while the other came from Iraq.

While we all speak Arabic, when interacting with Arabs from different Arabic countries, one can recognize the differences in our dialect languages. We all speak Arabic, but we all have our ways in speaking out the words and giving those words different meanings.

Despite what looks as major differences between us as of for instance women living in Tunis versus women living in Saudi Arabia, or different mentalities regarding the set of beliefs for every single one of us, or even if you look at religion beleifs, or even class differences. One can still feel the bond between us as Arabs.

I used to look at Saudi women who have to cover their bodies with black whereever they go outside their homes, I used to stereotype them of having a kind of mentality that would make it hard for me to get along with. It isn’t the kind of prejudice where I think of them as bad or something (maybe a bit of sympathy), but I had a feeling of staying away because of my perception of the black cover as to minimize the women interaction with men.

when I met Solafa – The Saudi Designer – in Dubai, I was surprised of how close I felt to her. I was surprised of the ease of communication between us. We didn’t go deep into discussing each other way of thinking, but we were able to realize nice things in each other.

In fact, I am surprised of the amout of comfort I feel dealing with all the Arabs I met recently. Their seem to be a bond between us. Regardless of our differencece, I can see much commonolity. From the language we speak, and the history we share, to the current exposure of the same media. Even the looks of each one of us, and despite of the variations, you can still feel that their is something that makes us close to each other, maybe it is the blood as they say.

I have always considered my self a humanitarian. I have always felt the bond between me and any other fellow human being. But recently I came to feel the warm of the race bond.

It does make me feel that I love being an Arab.

And to be proud of it.


  1. hi fadi:)well its nice to be proud of being arab and think that we all belong to the same race but i have to say i disagree with you, I mean when i was living abroad i met arabs and foreigners and to be honest i got along with the foreigners more and i thought the arabs were odd in their behaviour and the way they dealt with the rest especially the people from the gulf.the way they spoke to women..etc i am not saying that i dislike the arabs coz i am one but i am just saying that back then i wasnt proud of being in the same race as them:)


  2. well,The people that you met doesn’t represent the general population, the term stereotype will be more suitable becasue it represents how the majority acts which is sad but true, at the same time as a rational person you have to keep in mind that there is some people that are different than the stereotype created about this specific group of people..


  3. I don’t think its “race” or “blood” that made you feel comfortable around those fellow Arabs. Its more of the <>culture<> that is shared.Although cultures around the Arab world are not identical, they share many common elements… For example, most Arabs will have stories to share about how much frustration they felt in their lives!


  4. Nas, I guess it has to do with your being a result of 2 races ;). That is why you connected with the Europiean more, because you have it in your blood as well 😛Mohannad, you are replying to me or to Nas? Devil’s Mind, yes, maybe culture has to do with it, but there is something more that you can’t tell what exactly it is, maybe the features, the way we talk and look. I guess it is the blood thing. You don’t feel that with foreigners living in the Arab world even when they talk Arabic and live for a long time here.


  5. Mohanned,I know that the people that i met dont represent all the arabs, I am just discussing my experience with them when i was abroad like fadis experience with the tunisia girl.I never generalise because its not fair there are the good and the bad in any race.


  6. <> am gonna double what nas said<> I might be a bit self hating but in general i avoided them like the plague, one thing i learned about arabs abroad, They invite drama ! So as to a connection, superficial one at best


  7. no_angel, I know what you and nas say, but my post isn’t meant to be about behaviour or mentality or any differences that you can see in the same city or even in the same building. What I am talking about the sense of the one you are dealing with is like you in a way that you cant identify but yet you find it comforting.


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