Easter and its altruism meaning

No matter how much of faith I still have in the bible/church’s story of Jesus crusification for the salvation of us – all human beings, I can’t deny the effect of this story and the values it injected in me and in many other Christians.

The idea of giving someone’s life for the sake of others out of love had a deep effect on the way I percieve life. Maybe for me it does give double the effect because of the meaning of the name that I am holding.

Some people do believe in the effect of names on people’s characters. For me, I think that yes it can, my name itself has affected the way I think of myself, of life, and of my character in general.

‘Al Fadi’ is one of the characteristics of Jesus Christ. In Arabic it means the one who gives his life for the sake of others. Since I realized what does my name means, a feeling of connection between me and the value of Jesus death has been built inside of me.

I am not saying that I do have the strength or the courage to give my own life in order to help other people to live happily, but I am saying that the altruism idea has a special place in my heart.

Altruistic behaviour is good to the evolution and surviving of human beings as much as self protection instinct.

Maybe Jesus altruistic behaviour model has injected a global love into my heart, which is what really matters as the outcome of this story regarless of how much effort some people try to prove/disprove the credibility of it and the divinity aspect of the Christ.

Easter means to me the celebration of all people around the world who has been devoting their own lifes for the sake of others. Starting from fathers and mothers who work day and night in order to provide a better life for their kids, passing through children who give up much of their lives to take their of their elderly parents or relatives, people who do give much of their effort to help orphans, people who do work in helping other poor people, peopl who work wih disabled people, people who work with addicted people, and evey other human being who gives from himself to help another one, even you bloggers who give from yourself even just as words that can change other people’s lifes.

Happy Easter for you all…


  1. Fadi, so true…I forgot to connect your name with Fadiina. The whole concept of redemption and redeeming value has been one I have been pondering in this last year, it is nothing short of miraculous.I think of how God redeemed the suffering of Joseph (OT Joseph, not the earthly father of Jesus)and what his willingness to suffer meant for his nation.May you always reflect your Redeemer, Fadi! A Blessed Resurrection Day to you!


  2. The ironical thing is that its not you who chose “Fadi” to be your name, but it was your parents.Now, with an altruistic view of the world, you might think that its nice to realize your parents’ fantasy… But then again, which one came first: Your will to realize your parents’ fantasy, or their choice that you would have the altruistic view.Uh, screw that… Anyways, Happy Easter if that means anything to you. 🙂


  3. happy Easter all.yes .. Christ has rise … and he is rising every moment insdie us .. around us .. by ( al fadi ) idea and our understanding to it … Observer .. u wrote such a nice words up three about yr understanding for al fadi .. i agree with u 100% … maybe we can’t be juses but all of us can learn something from him … i’m not a religuos guy … but that dosn’t mean to deny the real values inside the bible or an other religions books .. as there is evil in religions there is the good … and now with easter we can think about the deep meaning of this special holy day … wish u all happy and full of love easter


  4. Arablady, thx, I loved it too 🙂Mohammad, hamede, tala, mohannd al-arabiat, qwaider, maioush: thank you guys 🙂Kinzi, a blessed resurrection day for you as well. My name has always had a warm feeling to me because of its connection to JesusDevil’s mind, thinking about it, I don’t think that my parents had a choice either. Things just happens as it meant to happen. I believe in no real choices 🙂anitrinity, well said, every religion does have deep meanings that sum the past culture of our civilizations. It is nice to think about it and learn from it. Happy Easter.


  5. Hiiiiii,hai awal marra badkhol 3ala el blog taba3ak….bedak el sara7a ana belshoghol w ma l7e2t aqra2 eshi bas sheklo mrattab.


  6. Yeah, nominalism has been a strong tradition in western thinking for a long time. It would be such an achievement if only we managed to realize our names!!! Happy Easter, for you. Peace and kindness for all.


  7. an essence of calmness washed over me as i read this i know its late but right on time. great post. much love observerMarie


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