The Designers inspiring dream…

What really impressed me by meeting those young designers and have been seeing in my friend Haitham for a while now is their real passion for fashion. It is almost like you can read their future in their eyes. They are much aware of were they are heading and they are so determined to achieve their dreams regardless of how hard it seems to be at this point in their life and how much of a hard work they have to put.

I always quote Paulo Coelho when I talk to Haitham. I tell him that when someone wants something really bad, everything in this world conspires to make it happen. Now I believe in that quote more than ever as I have a real example in front of me.
I can feel how the world conspires to grant him his dream.

A year ago, he seized that chance offered by LBC to join their mission fashion program. He didn’t think that he has a chance because he doesn’t have a degree in fashion, but his passion for it pushed him to apply, and so he was granted the first chance to enter the world of his dream.

When he left the program, he went back to his normal life. He had to work in IT because that is what he studies in college, and he has to make some money to support himself, but he also didn’t forget about his passion, not a single minute. He made several dresses in the past year and he kept his eyes opened to seize any possible chance to make his dream comes true.

Lancome contacted him in Decemeber. At first it seemed that a degree in fashion would step in his way once again. He had to fight in order to convince people in charge that he can do as good as the other designers. He proved that he can.

I just feel proud of him for his persistance when it comes to achieving his dream.

Talking with him about how this passion grew in him since childhood makes me wonder how much a person is meant to be what he is or what he is going to be? How much are we born to be what we are? Why his hands caught the pencil to draw a dress rather than a natural scene when he was young? Why did his eyes caught the dresses colors and fashion runways instead of anything else? Why does he have this obsession in fashion magazines?

His eyes sparkles when ever he talks about fashion as if he is living the glamourous future right now, as if he is living the moment of success on the stage between his designs and models, as if knows where he is heading and how he is going to make it.

It is really inspiring meeting people with this strong well to achieve their dreams. I once heard Oprah talking in an interview how she has always known that she is meant to be what she is now.

What I also find interesting is the common interest of the designers in Queen Rania. She does represents class and elegance to them. They talk about her in a very highly manner. Haitham in particular talks about her as if she is one of his family. He admires her a lot. He dreams of the day he is going to give her a dress, actually his dream is bigger than that, he dreams of being her personal designer. He shies from talking about that. I hope he wont get upset of me exposing his dream to you. I know that one day he will achieve it. He is determined and talented. I wish him the best.

And wish anyone who has a dream to achieve it. I know that with persistance we can achieve anything…


  1. Fadi, i dont know what to say? 🙂<>THANK YOU!<>Well, i’ve always wanted to study Fashion Design, and i remember very well that when everyone used to say that when I go to college I’ll forget all about it and it will be just a hobby, back then I used to say to myself that, no matter what I do, and no matter when, this is, for sure, what I want to do :)and here I am, many years later, and a year after graduating, and some work experience in the IT, I still know that Fashion Design is, without a doubt, what I want.Mission Fashion was a great chance, I remember when I went to Beirut to apply, I left the office feeling optimistic 🙂 and came back to Amman with big hopes of being accepted, My chances were very little, but as you said, I believe that I’ve been selected cuz I realy wanted to get there, I used to dream about it 😛 and when they called me to tell me that i was accepted, it was like a dream coming true 🙂I think what im doing now is temporarly,even though im staying in it for another couple of years, when my chance comes, I will not think twice about leaving everything and go start my dream 🙂 I actuly feel that what I want is..coming one day 🙂 thinking about it and working on to get there is what keeps me going on everyday, whatever happens that would make me down or disappointed I’d cheer up and just say that the good days and the life i’ve always wanted to have, is yet to come and I just cant for that 🙂Yes I do agree im a little obsessed with the fashion magazine, but come on, they are my reference books, my study books 🙂 😛Well, im not gonna say much about Queen Rania, since most people think that it’s a little weired obsession, no it’s not, it is something that i may not be able to explain it to people, but I definatly admire her and would love to meet her one day, she is a true inspiration 🙂 Well, thanks for the great post, you made my day! 🙂 and I hope the readers didnt get bored reading the long comment! 🙂 Thanks again.


  2. Haithoom, I am glad you like my post :). Your determination really inspires me. I know that it would inspire my blog readers as well. I am so definite that you will eventually achieve your dream. You are born to make it :).Good Luck


  3. i add my voice to yours and wishes your friend the best too, i wish his dream comes true what we designers fashion, interior, industrail ext. share is the passion for what we creat, the determination to be the best at what we do, the constant seeking for something new and diffrent, a dream that always pushes us forward, so many words can describe what we feel…simply i just love being one, never been so proud of anyhting as much as am proud of being an interior designer 🙂


  4. Thanks Manal, yes, I think that there is nothing fulfilling in this life like creating something. I like those creative people who do tire their brains in order to bring something unique and nice for us. Good luck in your career as well…


  5. so i’m reading this and i feel all kinds of emotions moving inside of me. this post is filled with true compassionate, magical words. tears are brought to my eyes. i pray to the universe for your friend that all his wishes and desires come to him and he recieves them with open arms. Much love Marie its true when you truely want something so bad the Universe does conspire to make it happen. i know this for sure!!!!!


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