Dubai Trip Pictures

On my first day in Dubai, I had to go with Haitham in order to do the fitting of his dresses on the models. I had the chance to meet the designers participating in this Lancome competition. I have seen most of them before on Tv when they were participating on Mission Fashion on LBC, but now I had the chance to meet them in person. They were so friendly and nice.

In this picture you can see most of them 3 other competitors are missing from the picture. The ones showing from left to right: Dania – Iraq, Solafa – Saudi Arabia, Baleegh – Tunis, Abdallah – Kwait, Haitham – Jordan, Mohammad – Egypt, Razan – Jordan, Crystal – Lebanon.

After doing there fitting, which took several hours, we were starving, and so we head down to one of the restaurants in the Jumera city. We picked chinese food at The Noodle House.

Next day they were all in a rush to make everything perfect for the show. They had to leave the hotel early in the morning in order to show their dresses in front the Jury committe who had to pick the winners before the fashion show.

These pictures are taken at the backstage of the fashion show minutes before it begun.

Me and Haitham

Here is how things were messed up at the backstage.

Haitham, Elian (lebanon), Razan and Dania: All Designers.

Mishel – An American model seems to fall in love with Haitham. She is VERY beautiful, and so nice when you talk to her. She is really an angel.

Haitham’s dresses:
1. Blue dress.

2. Gold dress.

3. Green dress.

4. Pink dress.

Unfortunatly Haitham didn’t win the competition although I personally think he has the best dresses. You wont be able to judge as I am not posting the other dresses picutres. We were so disappointed, but tried to forget about it and enjoy the after party at the Trilogy rooftop night club. The weather was great, and the place was awsome. There has been a lot of press, a lot of models, and a lot of Lancome staff.

Mishel again hugging Haitham 🙂

Finally this is a picture infront of the hotel that shows some of the towers of Dubai. The city is beautiful. If you havent been there, you have to.


  1. looks like a lot of fun 😀models, good food :), good time (ana ma ba7sed la sama7a allah, ana bs bano2) LOOOOOOOOL J/K 😀glad you had fun


  2. Mrs al Ramahi, yes it was really nice to meet all of them. it was a nice experience, and yes the noodless were great 😛Maioush, I have to wear a blue eye! :P. Thx dear, yes it was fun 🙂Vas, thx man, yes he is very talented. I know that he will make it.


  3. Really nice pictures looks like you guys had a blast:)The dresses are gorgeous i am sure haitham will make it in the future.And lucky haitham i think Mishel is gorgeous as well:)


  4. am sure u had a nice trip..I like the picutre and the dresses are sure haitham will make it next time as he is a talented guy.


  5. I liked really Haitham designs for the second and 4th dress..creative and awesome..keep it up Haitham and go a head..(mesh bukra lamn tseer mashhur tg’ali 3alen bel fasateen 🙂 J/K 🙂


  6. Thanks RedRose :)i appreciate it!well, dont worry, u’ll then have a special discount on all items! 😉


  7. The city of dream!!It is the first idea, which comes in my mind, when I begin to think about this magic city, it is the city of the future. I have never been in Dubai, but looking at this pictures, only one wish is appearing- to visit Dubai anyway.I am really fascinating of beauty of < HREF=" " REL="nofollow">Dubai property<>.Just look at the masterpieces such as Burj Dubai,World and Palm Islands, Dubailand how wonderful they are.Thanks for the interesting info, keep up the great work!!!


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