Close to heavens

I feel a bit guilty when I check my blog stats and find people still checking it after a couple of days of not posting anything. Actually I feel happy as well to know that there are people who do anticipate my new posts. Thank you.

I came back from Dubai two days ago. It has been a very nice trip. I will be posting about more details about the trip and the fashion show I attended in the coming days when I get the pictures we took from my friend.

Now I will start from the beginning.

In my way to Dubai, I was happy to have my seat next to plane window as I do like looking from the window and checking the ground below getting smaller and smaller, then looking into the clouds and feel the height we are flying in.

Unfortunatly, it was night. I could only see the wing of the plane. I couldn’t even see any star, only pure darkness covering the horizon.

I kept on staring out of the window. I wanted to see anything. Maybe I even hoped to see a vision, an angel, or anything spiritual that would restore the faith that I have lost in a spiritual world.

The idea of the father living in the sky that has been injected into my mind at childhood is still there in me. In old days, they used to believe that heavens are in the sky. Today, and regardless of all the scientific achievments we have acquired, a lot of us still look up to the sky in order to approach the God we believe in.

And so, even knowing that religion has evolved to say that the father is everywhere – which means that he can be in my room at my house on earth as much as he can be sitting next to me on the seat of the plane in the sky – I stood there in the plane trying to catch any sign of heavens.

After 3 hours, the plane reached its distination. I was disappointed because I got no sign from heavens. The scenes of the buildings of Dubai started to appear. The life of the city started to show itself. The lights were everywhere in the middle of the night. The workers in the airport where rushing in the middle of the night to serve the passangers who arrived from around the world.

I find myself feeling happy for the life existing in a far away city from my home. People seem different. Buildings seem different. There are new sights to see. There are new people to look at. There are new experiences to go through. There are many things that yet I have to check in my life.

In a second, it came clear to me the absurd idea of me looking for another life on plance while I still have so much to learn in this life. Why do I keep on bothering myself of looking for an evidence for a spiritual life when it can be hidden from be because I am not really ready for it? I have yet a long journey to take on this earth before leaving. A journey that I am looking forward to unfold and live.


  1. Welcome back ya Abed 🙂 , glad you enjoyed your tripSpiritual life exists, but here is the part that you need to know, don’t look for evidence, you just have to believe in it, that’s exactly why it’s spiritual 🙂There are a lot of things around us better stay that way, that’s what makes believe in it..God bless… 🙂


  2. welcome back:) nice to have your texts again, describing your own view about the world. the journey is great, the destinations are many and various, the map is personal. nevertheless, the process of making sense may be confined to our mind, to our body and senses. And all of these are immense.


  3. Hey Fadi, guess you are back in Jordan =D , Dubai is amazing, the worst thing there is to be lost in a cab. hehehe.. about the evidence, it comes from inside before anywhere else, this is what matters.


  4. Glad you had a good time 🙂I personally believe in heaven on earth, for me it is a state of mind, I believe that if one does his best in everything he has to do (work, studies ..) , lives ethically, appreciates what he has and decides to be happy he’ll reach “heaven on earth”.I think you are already there Fadi, it is good you stopped looking 😉


  5. tala, yes it is amazing, i didnt want to come back! 😛Natasha, I believe that we can live heaven on earth as well 🙂Abed Hamdan, allah yesalmak, thanks man.Maioush, dont worry about it 🙂


  6. Hi Observer! Yea, I was one of those checkers, didn’t have time for a comment!Glad you had fun!!You probably can imagine what I am going to say…did you read my post that is just prior to yours? 🙂 I’d say head back to the Father-love injection of your youth, young man. But outside the paradigm of traditional teaching and back to th e word itself. The Father-heart of God is deep, and He calls His sons as children and sends them out to find Him as men. Great journey, I am glad to be on it with you!


  7. welcome Back Observer..I liked the idea to catch an angel in the height..maybe next time you can do it (but I think they are invisible :)) so feel them despite you can’t catch them ..waiting to check the photos you took also :0)


  8. Hey RedRose, thx 🙂I downloaded the pictures but I have plenty of work to do today. They need also some time to upload. I will try my best to upload them as soon as possible.


  9. Hi observer:)Welcome back it was a boring week for me last week coz you didnt post anything good to see you back in action:)I am also waiting for the pictures:)


  10. hey Fadi, So glad to read your post today. Looks like you had a great time. As far as the looking for the spiritual life goes, i think your getting closer! here are some facts, you are a happy person the people around you are happy, your readers love you, i sure do love you and i haven’t even met you i love your blogs lets say that and they come from you. you have a great spirit and it connects. much love marie


  11. Hey Marie, that is so sweet from you to say. Actually I was thinking about this a while ago on my way to work. I feel myself loveable. I am not saying it from a narcissete perspective. It is that I was just wondering if I feel the love of people for me because I do love myself or that because I am really loveable?I feel your spirit as well. You are very nice, and I love you too. You keep on drawing a smile on my face. Thank you 🙂


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