Lancome Color Designs Award: Dubai

I am so excited today.

I am heading to Dubai this afternoon to attend Lancome Color Designs Award Fasion Show.

I will be supporting my fashion designer friend Haitham Al Dawoud in this competition.

He participated in Missio Fashion on LBC last year.

He is very talented and ambition young man. He has a strong passion for fashion.

Hope this time he will make it and head to Paris for the international competition.

Wish him luck.


  1. Good luck haitham,I saw some of the dresses he designed he is for sure one great talented designer.Good luck to him and enjoy dubai man:)


  2. Goooooooood Luck to the designer and best times to the support team! As a cheer leader you have to give us an account after the show :))


  3. Welcome Dubai my friendDubai is beautiful and you will be welcomeI love dubai so much!!please visit my blog and have a nice day


  4. Thank you guys for your wishes. Too bad he didnt win the competition although I personally think that he had the best dresses. I will be posting more about my trip and the show with many picutres as soon as I get them.


  5. can’t wait to hear more about the trip! and definatelty great things are in the near future for your talented friend haitham!!love peace and magicmarie


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