Veronika Decides to Die: Love above Wisdom

One of the passages that stopped me in Veronika Decides to Die is the explanation Edwardo came with about the painting of The Lady (Virgin Mary) standing poised above the world, with her hands outstreched to the Earth and with rays of light streaming from her fingertips while standing on a live snake.

His explanation:

The Virgin equals female energy and is the mistress of the snake, which signifies wisdom. Love is above wisdom, just as the Virgin is above the snake. For her, everything is Inspiration. She doesn’t bother judging what is Good and what Evil.

Love is above wisdom

This sentence says it all.

Looking back to last week’s heated debate about homosexuality, and seeing people fighting each other on what is good and what is bad, then reading this sentence which stopped me and made me realize that it doesn’t really matter. No one knows what is good and what is bad, what really matters is love, because Love is above all..


  1. Hi There, read your blog and found it interesting. Although, the correct spelling is Gandhi and not Ghandi. ghandi is a derogatory word in India. I hope you change it.Thanks,Aman


  2. I love it when people read milan and get it that way.. vironika was the first book I read by him.. and its great.. You are making great posts out of it 🙂


  3. Is love worthy without wisdom?Btw, I did read both 11 Minutes and Veronika Decides to Die. I disliked 11 Minutes very strongly, but I thought Veronika Decides to Die was alright.


  4. Life, thx :), he does has this effect on me. Roba, Is love worthy without wisdom? yes, for sure. It doesn’t need wisdom. It is above it. Why did you dislike 11 Minutes?


  5. Hi guys, my name is Steve and I just read Veronika decides to die. Anyways, I wanted to know the one sentence out of the whole book which representes it. Can any of you tell me?


  6. If you did like veronika decides to die…I recommend you to read “conversations with God” from Neale Donald Walsch… a really amazing book!


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