Veronika decides to die: Miracle of life

In a second, Eduard remembered everything that had happened the previous night. There was a woman lying curled in his arms.

‘She… she’s dead.’
But the woman moved and opened her eyes.
‘What’s going on?’ asked Veronika.
‘Nothing,’ said Eduard, helping her to her feet. ‘Or rather, a miracle happened: another day of life.’

I finally finished this amazing novel of Paulo’s Coelho. I personally think that this one is his best ever. It kept me hooked till the ending. It gave me a new perspective on who we call *Mad* people. It made me more interesting in psychology, and it gave me a better insight on how important our brains are, and how a simple distortion in our brain chemicals would affect a great deal of our life.

When I reached to the above versus. I was expecting Veronika to be dead. When she opened her eyes. I was glad that she was granted another day of life. I was reading this page in the early morning, yesterday in bed. When I reached the line of a miracle, another day of life. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. I looked at the window, and suddenly, a the dimmed clouded weather turned brighter. A light just filled the room for seconds. It reminded me that I am granted a miracle as well. Another day of life gift…


  1. mnosh, I havent welcomed you before, so welcome to my blog 🙂It is indeed an amazing novel. I will be posting more about things that grabbed my attention in it in the coming few days.


  2. nice post!but forgive me that i dislike coehlo. I find his scenes oversimplified and claiming to be magical. is any character there convincing? the extremely successful lawyer that has the right to enter and exit? the son of the diplomat that is so sane but keeps silent? the doctor with that bitterness theory (who is described as a criminal to be found in the end an angel on earth)? I do not have problem with this type of literature as far as it does not claim the position of an eye-opener. Read Foucault instead about madness, surveillance and the redifinition of sanity and normality in our times. Even Metamorphosis of Kafka shows much more.


  3. Hey vas, I should be looking for those books you suggested. I love simplicity although I don’t see Coelho’s writings any simple. Maybe the language is, but the meanings are so deep. It doesn’t matter to me how convincing a character can be. It is a fictional story which has meant to send some messages to the readers. He does help in making this world magical. He does inspire. He does come up with connections between things that I haven’t think of before which intrigues me.


  4. Comment ma 2ilo da5al bi have been tagged 🙂Just three questions if you like to do them..1.If there is fire at home..choose one thing to save? 2.sitiuation you felt embarrased in?3- If you can do over a part of your life, what will you change? ..u can answer as comment or individual post if u liked it 🙂


  5. so I’m glad you finished reading Veronika decides to die, i loved it too. i just finished reading is biography “Paulo Coelho confessions of a pilgrim” and its awesome. His books are filled with so much magic you see how it opens people’s mind to see things in a different light on a simple note that is magic. i’m in spain at this very moment; why because he has inspired me to let my inner child live! to let the spirit guide me and its awesome. thats magic. again i’m glad you enjoyed the book i did too! marie


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