Gays and Marriage

Yesterday I addressed Gays and Femininity in a post where I argued that Gay men are not necessarily femininie and Gay women are not necessarily masculine which has and still been helping them in staying covered from the outward society.

A comment by Mohammad stopped me, and remind me of my social pressure short story that I have posted several months ago.

He said:

because now they live 2 life’s one with there wife’s & the other secret life with there gay lovers
they can’t suppress there emotions forever even after they got children!!

Gays and Marriage
I think that there is a misconception about gay marriage around the world. People think that gay marriage would destroy the secrecy of marriage that has been created to be a form of union between a man and a woman.

Now, if those gay are asking to have a religious marriage then yes, people would have a point, but what they are really asking for is some kind of a civil union that give them the rights of any other couple who decides to build a life with each other.

Why marriage is important to them as long as they can live togather as long as they want?

It is because there are many legal issues that should be addressed when 2 people decide to share a life togather. Imagine the hectic of a hetreo-couple seperation in court where everything is legal and documented and compare it to a homo-couple where there is nothing legal to protect the right of each party when getting a seperation.

In the other hand, and looking at it in our society where gay people fear even to declare out their sexuality, and do have a big pressure from society to get married.

Most end up married to the opposite sex.

Isn’t that what we are asking them to do? We think that this is a good solution because it is haram to be gay, and in this way, they would turn into straights! But in fact, sexual orientation cannot be changed. As Mohammad said, most married gay end up cheating on their wives with other men. Gay women are in no better situation, they end up married as well to other men and can easily cheat them with other women as well.

This should be a serious warning to our society.

No one is immune to this. No matter how smart you are, you may end up marrying a gay man/woman. It has been happening for ages, and is still happening today, and will keep on happening till we gave those homosexual the safety to come out from their shells and live safely among us.


  1. I once found a great small clip about gay marriage, and I think its idea was great. I featured it on my blog, but nonetheless check it < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>.The video asks the question: <>“How would you feel if you had to ask 260 million people for the right to marry?”<>


  2. Dear Arab Observer, please know that I liked your point of view in those heated up discussions in Qwaider’s recent debate about blogger mohammad.


  3. I guess… The video was made in the US (I guess)… The point is, if two people love each other, they shouldn’t need anyone’s approval to get married!


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