What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around?

God punished Adam and Eve for eating from the good and evil tree in heaven by moving them out of heaven and condemning them and their descendents to death.

A couple of thousands years later.

The descendents of Adam and Eve, who were inhabiting earth, condemned God himself (according to Christianity) to death on the cross.

Regardless of eveyone’s interpretation of the story. The idea itself makes me think…


  1. ooh this is a very touchy topic to write about expessially for those who are thinned skinned most likely they will be Offended (probably) it depends on what level (spiritual level) you want to look at this on. but interesting conversation piece.L&P Marie


  2. if this was the case, i guess it means that justice takes place regardless of how long would it take to achieve it. it proves that God is Just


  3. Observer, I love that you don’t shy away from this stuff! Maybe I’ll get braver and do the same.I was just reading in Genesis 1-3 today. An amazing concept. An amazing God.


  4. Well, the entire story of our “origin” doesn’t make sense…People need to stop taking these stories seriously… They were told a long long long time ago to the masses that had alot of questions… Since no one had answers, and no one had science, they had to come up with this stuff… All these stories are the equivelant of the Santa Clause story… Just for adults.p.s. I like Nawal Sadawi too 🙂


  5. hey leavless eve, I believe it is more of a myth or a story to get some lessons from rather than it has really happened. Welcome to my blog. I can see that we share similar views in life 🙂


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