Amman Municipality: Parking Slots Fee!

Me and my friend are still struggling with Ammman Municipality in order to get the licence to start our new little project which I will hopefully talk about later in more details if we managed to get through with our application that is stuck now at the Municipality because they want us to pay for parking slots.

Obviously there is a rule that says food shops with a space more than 30 meters should provide parking slots for their customers, if they can’t, then they should pay the Municipality a fee for that matter.

The shop that we are about to rent is 25 meters in space, but it has another stair for storage that is about 25 meters as well, and which we don’t intend to use at this point.

So they decided that the total amount of space is 50 meters which exceeds the minimum amount of 30 meters that is allowed for not paying for parking slots.

I still can’t comprehend why in hell do they take fees for parking slots?! It would make sense if they are providing the citizens with free parking slots, but they are not. There is no single free parking slot in Amman that the Municipality provides us with, so why in the hell they are charging shops with this fee?!?!

And why should shops owner pay for parking slots while they don’t dictate the way their customers can reach them. Whether those customers comes by bus, car, walking , train, or even a plane, why would the shop owner provides a parking for the transportation method of his clients??

What is ironic that Municipality of Jabal Amman that is located on the Third Circle doesn’t provide any parking slot for people who has business with it. When ever we go, we find a hard time finding parking our cars. The other day my poor friend got a ticket for parking his car in the street at the back of the Municipality.


  1. Well, i realy know how you feel towards all of this!! you come to think sometimes, why do we have to go through all of this mess in order to get going with the project and just start! but this is how things go here in Jordan, you have to go through hell, b4 u get things done, IF u get them done anyway!u need to look for a ‘Wasta’ in order to get things going, and i advice u, start looking for one b4 u go through more trouble and hassle! Anyway, i wish u good luck, hopfully things will get going well for you 🙂


  2. I agree with Haitham, start digging up for a Wasta!The thing, is that in other countries, they do charge shops for parking permits for their customers and for their suppliers when they park in front of the shop; but those countries, actually provide designated areas for parking (or at least an extra lane for parking and unloading materials and goods). However, in Jordan, there is no such thing as a parking lane, so why impose this parking permit policy?!As for Noura, I don’t think anybody wants to go to Lebanon now!Anyway man, wish you the best of luck with your project!


  3. Haitha, Noura, Pheras, Maioush, thanks for your luck wishing.As for the wasta, we tried it :P, but it doesn’t seem to work as well! I guess that our only choice for now is to close the upper storage stair. Hope this would work.


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