My role in life

People most prominent characteristics are formed in childhood. I don’t know whether it is a luck process of aquiring certain roles in life as it happens just like that (the way nature is) or it is a divine plan where someone’s life is just meant to be the way it is for a purpose that has been pre-determined, but either way, I do believe that we are destined to be who we are whether it is nature or God.

While growing up those characteristics grew up with us. We do change, but certain aspects of us stay and grow with us as we grow. It gives us our roles in life. It shapes our choices and interactions with people around us.

Some are born to be leaders, others are born to be followers, some are born to entertain, others are born to be entertained, some are born to support, others are born to be supported, some are born to sing, others to write, some to invent, others to use that invention, some to dance, to provoke, to protect traditions, to change …etc

I was born to console, to raise people’s morale and make them happy.

It is my ultimate satisfaction to turn a tear into a smile, to inject some colors in someone’s life who feels misery. I like to draw happiness and joy. I like to highlight the beautiful face of life. I like to brush out worrying from people’s hearts. I like to see them content, smiling, and happy.

I believe that I was born with this quality. When I was young, I used to follow my sensitive cousin to the backyard of their house where she used to rush in order to have a space to cry whenever she feels bad so that I can comfort her. I knew that I was good in that because I have always managed to make her smile and get her back with me.

At high school, I had this very sensitive best friend. She used to cry sometimes for no apparent reason. I guess that I have been drawn to her at first because one day I saw her crying. I tried to joke with her, she hated me at first. With time we grew closers, and became best friends. She used to cry so often, and I used to be there for her to make her happy.

In university, I had a new best friend, he didn’t use to cry, but he is a very emotional person. When he feels bad, it does show very clear on his face and reactions. Instead of tears, he turns his heart into rage. For years, my role was to comfort him, to absorb his anger, and drew a smile on his face.

Now I have this blog. I know that I can touch the hearts of many people here. I know that my writings does help many feel good. I can feel the connection and the love of my blog readers.

I beleive that I have been gifted with a talent of making things look good. I have always managed to comfort myself no matter how bad a situation is. My skill has been matured as I grew up. It gained more confidence and knowledge. I know that I can just make people happy the way I am.

Like is beautiful, and so are you…


  1. Hey The observer 🙂i can relate to what you are saying, and its really essential to have people with this quality. you can open doors for others, and provide the shield, make them feel like walking on concrete grounds again and provide inner security. its a hard job! it is something good and it is rewarding in a spiritual way. nothing is worth sadness. and nothing is equal to planting hope in someone again and restoring his/her strength.. really! if people can see that. its a blessing.


  2. Thanks Tala, I can see that you are gifted with this quality as well through reading your blog. The other day when you wrote about sun and moon people I was touched by the light you spread.I guess that is why I find your blog to be one of my favourites 🙂


  3. Very nice Observer to know you have this good quality and dedicate your efforts to let other people and friends benefit from..yeah sometimes just comforting words with sincere heart around you equal a treasure…real treasure…keep it up and god bless your kind heart.


  4. yes you do have that gift , reading your blog always puts me in a good mood , and that’s why i keep coming back for more of your kind touching topics 😀 .THANK YOU


  5. i am glad there is someone who thinks this way as well 🙂 The world can be a better place as long as we put the effort to draw a smile on someone’s face i think the debate point starts from whether you think you are the most important person in your life or not. others see themselves as the center and everything should adapt to their needs. etc etc etc..


  6. I know exactly what you mean.There is some type of satisfaction that comes with it too..I am very much like that,I claimed this position and felt that this is my calling. But sometimes it back fires,when I need a shoulder,can’t find anybody..They all assume that I don’t have any problems,since I never complained..Guess what, I was busy listening..Very nice post..


  7. Marie, I feel ya as well, many blessing to you too 🙂Moh, Thank you, I am glad to hear that you feel like this reading my blog.Tala, I guess that maybe people have different roles, some like to feel the center of the world, others don’t. If both are happy and satisfied, then be it 🙂noura, thx, and welcome to my blog. Yes, we all need a shoulder at some point, but I am sure as well that you can manage to either find one, or consol yourself and you do to others. Keep up the good work 🙂


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