Hala Sarhan, Abde Karim, Nawal Al Sadawi: What’s going on in Egypt?

What is going on in Egypt?

First the TV famous hostess Dr. Hala Sarhan, then the blogger Abdel Karim, and now Dr. Nawal Al Sadawi!

Hala Sarhan was attacked with law suits and charges for highlighting prostitutes life in Egypt. As if we can hide the son with the palm of our hands, dark forces in Egypt were hyped to attack this intellectual woman claiming that she has fabricated those episodes and resulted in worsen the image of the Egyptian women! I personally can’t comprehend how anyone with half human brain would believe that there is no prostitution in Egypt!

There are serious press charges on Hala Sarhan. News papers are attacking her, and claiming that she fleed Egypt to Dubai.

Abdel Karim, a blogger who cristisized the Egyptian Regime was sentenced for 4 years in prison because what he has written on his blog. The arab blogsphere went into rage for what they consider a precedence of attacking online freedom of speech. We all felt affected with what happened to Abdel Karim and realized that with this case, no one is safe, even online.

Now newspapers in Egypt are concentrating on Dr. Nawal Al Sadawi case. They claimed that she has fleed the country out of fear of facing charges pressed against her claiming her disgust for religions because she stated her mind that differs from many religious Muslim scholars.

This woman has spent her life fighting ignorance. Since her childhood she learnt to speak up. She managed to overcome the lies our underdeveloped societies tried to impose on us, and was able to expose them and make real changes in her society.

She grew up in a society where women were suffering under the domination of igorant men. She was puzzled of how women were able to reach this level of opression without making any attempts to fix things up. They tried to limit her, and convince her that being a woman means that you are weak, that you can’t stand up and claim your rights.

But being the rebelion person she is. She did not accept their words. She knew that she has a mind for herself. A mind that is no less than the mind of any other man. She knew that she has strength in her knowledge. She knew that she can fight darkness with light.

They have tried to kill her, jail her, shut her up in every possible means.

But she stood up lile a rock against all the dark forces. She fought for equality and freedom with a lot of passion because she knew that goodness always wins.

She saved the lives of many Egyptian women by breaking up and old Egyptian taboo of female circumcism. For years, she had to fight by herself to make people see the light. They eventually did in that department saving many women much pain that wasn’t necessary.

Nawal Al Saadawi is one of my top 3 idols along with Jesus and Ghandi. This woman should be treated sacredly because through the history of Egypt no one has come close interms of her fight for knowledge and humanity.

This woman is Royal.

I love Nawal AL Saadawi.

And will keep this banner at the top of my blog so that others who love her can copy it to their blogs as well.


  1. I have so much respect for this woman .It surprises me how ignorant people can be . dr. nawal al sa3dawi spent her whole life fighting injustice and ignorance, and helping women in Egypt , and how do they pay her back ?? they try to KILL her , and not once , 3 times . it’s really sad


  2. The same old story when people who are their to enlighten are stated to be evil…. Its just how things are done! Enlightenment == Evilness … thats the equation that ignorant people identify with.


  3. ok i’m reading and writing my comment at the same time….ok i love how you said that you can not comprehend how anyone wiht half human brain would believe that there is no prostitution in Egypt! well some think they have a reputation they would like to live up to…. some people are just unbelievable. I think this week has been all about that. Unbelievable people i often feel that security of online is not there. i often hold back my thoughts and feeling due to the fact that i work on an US. military base, and fear of loosing my job for voicing my opinions for something i do not agree with. i will end it with that due to the fact of being watched…. there is no freedom or peace ok….“She knew that she can fight darkness with light.”Light will always shine no matter what! Great Post Love light and PeaceMarie


  4. You know what’s even sadder? That the majority of people agree with the religious and government figures.I went to Kareems blog to read his last post, I clicked on the comments and they were horrible, of people swearing at him and at Nawal in particular.I don’t think we are getting anywhere any time soon with the sha3b thinking like that. There is no support to speak of for people like Nawal and Kareem. The outlook is bleak my friend.


  5. I bet it feels so good to criticize those with half a human brain when you have no brain at all, sarhan’s lawsuits are filed by the girls she slandered, dont you think that in this great free world of yours normal poor people deserve to protect their reputation, and your logic is just pathetic you dont even need half a brain to know about prostitution it is not einstien’s thoery of relativity it just one of those thing you either know about or you dont.And believe me if you hate ignorance then I dont know how you live with yourself.


  6. adnan, well it doesn’t feel good to see people prosecuted because they highligh existing problems in our societies and work on solving them.Hala Sarhan was not only attacked by the girl whom were showed by their own consent and admission on her show to be prostitues. She was attacked by a lot of others because what what they claim that she has tarnished the egyptian girls reputations. I have read that everywhere.


  7. “I have read that everywhere”What are you a fifth grader, maybe you should go back to school and learn basic principals of debate, when I make a couple of clear points and you want to reply you reply to the points, you dont just repeat you previous nonsense supporting that with “I have read that everywhere”.


  8. adnan: You are not debating, you are just throwing insults. You need to go learn the art of debate, not the Observer.Sheesh, so aggresive.


  9. 7aki fadi,I just dont understand why can’t you accept that in this great free world of nawal the arab observer and yourself I can freely express my opinion, you think criticizing religion is acceptable while criticizing idiots is not!!!! You know what I think, you people are hypocrites. And I dont think it is my fault if you are not smart enough to figure what my point was.


  10. Adnan: ana biddi afham laish inta im3aseb? Did anybody tell you not to give your opinion…you need anger managment courses man. For real.


  11. And by the way, since we are idiots, can you tell me what your point is? is it having half a brain or being a 5th grader, or us not caring about normal poor people? Or being ignorant? Or being hypocrites? Tell me, what’s your point? There is not one line you wrote without judging or name calling on your part; I think I know who the 5th grader is.I will ignore you now.


  12. Adnan, 7aki Fadi is right, you need to go learn how to debate. You are not debating, you are fight! Going back to your point of the right of people to protect their reputation. That is absurd because you were referring to the girls who are either prostitutes as they testified in the show, or they lied of being prostitutes which make them responsible of ruining their own reputation.7aki Fadi, Thank you for coming to my rescue. Adnan really didnt make any sound point! He even jumped on attacking me because he didn’t even comprehend what I said. I didn’t call anyone to have a half brain, what I said is that everyone knows the prostitutes exits everywhere even in Egypt. It doesnt take a genius to know it, even people with half brains know it!


  13. It seems that you will never get it, whether these girls are prostitutes or not my point was “I wish this will make 7aki fadi happy” the lawsuits against that cheap hostess are filed by normal people becuase they feel she harmed them, it has nothing to do with freedom of speech, so stop trying to relate them to each other.As for 7aki fadi what you call name calling is my opinion, if you think that my opinion offends you personally then many other people take kareem’s articles as a personal insult too, so if you are a real supporter of “freedom of speech”, then you should encourage me to say what I think of the high level of stupidity in this post and the comments that followed.


  14. adnan, if you read my post clearly, you would find nothing about the lawsuits that those women charged against Hala Sarhan. I was critisizing the campaign that was issued by various Egyptian newspapers and other media to attack Hala claiming that she has tarnished Egyptian women reputation. I would like to ask you to take a deep breath, count from 1 to 10, go over my post and read it clearly, then come back and argue me.On a side note, it is not a part of freedom of speech to throw personal attacks.


  15. “Hala Sarhan was attacked with law suits and charges for highlighting prostitutes life in Egypt. “Isn’t that what YOU wrote, why dont you read your post before arguing, I know it is not easy but at least try.


  16. Adnan, I was referring to the law suit that was issue by a parliament member, not the one issued by the girls themselves. Hope this would clear things out for you!


  17. i love her too! so sorry that ppl never tried to understand her concepts .. our nations dont appreciate the talents!


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