Me, my friend and Anoshka

The other day I was having coffee with my friend in Starbuck Swefieh. Actually I was having orange juice and he was having hot choclate.

I do like the place because it is cosy and quiet where you can relax, enjoy what ever you have as a drink, and have a decent talk with your friends.

In our way out of the place, and while passing along the entrance downstairs, my eye caught a familiar face, my friend’s eye caught the same. As we opened the door of the caffee to leave, I asked him is this Anoshka that we have just seen? (Anoshka is a famous Egyptian singer, I am posting a link to her profile below)
He smiled, and said yes she is.

I smiled back and said I love her.

He said, I love her too.

We both looked at each other trying to figure out what to do.
He said, lets go and take a picture with her.
I felt shy, but I told him, okay as long as you initiate the conversation. I feel shy initiating conversations with people who I have no previous personal relationship with.
He felt shy as well. So we stopped outside the place for around 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do.
He said that we shouldn’t let it go. He entered the place again, and I followed him. He approached her and said hi. She put a very lovely smile on her face and said hi back to us.
I have always loved this singer. She may not have many hit singles, but there is something in her that makes us love her. I don’t know, maybe her angelic face, her calmness, or her loving heart that shows on her face and smile.

She is even more loveable in person. She is so humble and nice. I felt like wanting to hug her.
So my friend asked her if we can take a photo with her. She smile. Then the man who was sitting with her at the same table, who turned to be the famous Kuwaiti composer and singer Khaled Al Sheikh (whom we didn’t recognize initially) said that no, I am not allowing her to take any photos.
Obviously he was joking, so we told him that we want to take photos with him as well.
And so my friend stand next to Anoshka and I took this photo for them:

Then I stood next to her, and my friend took this one for us

And then my friend stood next to Khaled Al Sheikh and I took this one for them

We thanked them and said good bye. Later on, we saw her shopping at Zara 🙂

Check out Anoshka’s Profile here:


  1. Hey Fadi,See, good thing we didnt let it go 😛True, she is very nice, and i’ve always liked her song ‘Ya leli ya leli’, khaled wasnt as nice as she was 😛Nasser…i guess ill comment on what u said later on, be Prepared! 🙂


  2. Maioush, she is so nice and sweet, yes we are lucky 🙂Nasser, ya bared, I didnt gain weight! At least it doesnt show in the pic!Marie, yes it was nice. I am glad we didnt let it pass as well.Haitham, thanks to you we didnt let it go :). We should have sang to her “ya leli ya leli” 😛Qwaider, 🙂


  3. yay 🙂 when i was very young/teenager, i used to listen a lot to her, i loved her songs ” 3ala baal” and “nadani” and ” abayan zane ” 🙂 but she has to stop remaking her song “ya lili”, i mean for God’s sake, she made like 20 remixes for it within 15 years!Khalid is a very important and brilliant artist as well!nice one 🙂


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