Hala Sarhan: Prostitution VS Ostrich Arabic strategy!

I feel quite angry over what is going on regarding Hala Sarhan’s case.

My anger isn’t triggered because of my love for the successful TV hostess; it is more because of how people are determined to prove that we still live in the dark ages!

They are crucifying her because they claim she talked about a social taboo!


For God sake, we live in the 21st century. Is there any civilized human being who didn’t hear of the *Internet*? And for those who did hear of it, do they know that people can practically post and read about anything you ever think of?

How come we can still try to hide our social problems in a world full of digital camera’s, eyes looking for the truth, satellite TV stations, and bloggers??!!

And why would we choose to keep on playing our old game of hiding our heads in the sand refusing to face our problems that are shining under the sun?!

Is there an insane mature person who is not aware that prostitution exists in every single country around the globe?

And How come discussing prostitution in Egypt trash the country in any way?

I heard that ATV, the new upcoming first Jordanian private Satellite TV station is preparing to talk about prostitution in Jordan on one of its talk shows.

Would they face the same attacks from our parliament members as Hala Sarhan faced in Egypt?

I certainly hope not. I want to believe that we do have more *social* freedom of speech than that.


  1. I actually hope that she does get prosecuted and taken to court when the LAW is going to say it’s final word on the matter once and for all.This will either brand Egypt as a country that allows freedom of speech or not. And stop this stupid debate


  2. I saw her on a live broadcast from Dubai,i felt sorry for her and for us..hala was not one of my favorite people(i am not a fan of her appearance or make up but that is superficial)she was number one on ART and because of some rumours she was forced to leave and started at Rotana Cinema..and i think that Rotana has no bone structure without her,it would be just another movie channel..i might differ with her views or her way but i cannot deny her success and her good episodes discussing many issues that some may view as “too much” or too daringwhat is happening is ridiculous,and unbelievable..scary too..you never know when you’ll be in courts or why..i hope that justice will prevail for everyones sake not only hers


  3. mala2et, I hope the same. You are right, she does indeed ad value to Rotana Cinema. In fact we don’t have many arabic talk shows of real substance. Zahen was good, but lately he became boring. Hala Sarhan was doing great job at ART and later on At Dream TV. I missed her serious talk shows. Her shows with singers and movie actors are good, but we need more social talk of what she excels in. I was happy to hear that she was starting this episodes! but now they just destroyed it! Hope everything would work out for her.Qwaider, ah ok, I got you now. I hope this happens as well.


  4. i wanna remind u of smtg that happened few months ago(according to a friend of mine who told me the details). the 1ere of an egyptian movie, in the crowd, men started to flirt in a crazy way , attacking girls watching the show!.. and it ended by the police taking girls to a safe zone, blocking all frustrated pple there from reaching them!! my point is , they r still living in a frustrated society as it shows.. and what is happening to Hala Ser7an is the least that they can do living in such mentality facing smtg concidered an open minded issue to talk about without a taboo!.


  5. <>“Is there any civilized human being who didn’t hear of the *Internet*? And for those who did hear of it, do they know that people can practically post and read about anything you ever think of?”<> – Obviously, from my personal first hand experience, we can see that *even* some bloggers who are used to use the internet on frequent basis do treat social taboos using censorship! So if some of the supposedly more knowledgeable users of the internet have problems with taboos, you cannot really expect a disconnected (offline) average Joe to handle free speech reasonably.The TV is usually considered one of the moderated channels, so its really tough to discuss taboos on TV.I am in no way justifying those actions, but one has to be practical. This inability to deal with taboos cripples the advancement of societies and need to be abolished as radically and as soon as possible!


  6. a-mok, I remember that incident, but I don’t think that based on single incident with some insane young men can be generalized to judge all of the Egyptian society.I guess that no one would deny that there is sexual frustration on different levels in the Arab world, but it doesn’t make people stalk each other in streets.Dave, Lol! I guess this news can only generate more tourism to Egypt!Devil’s mind, sadly you do have a point! Now thinking of it, I can see how much I was wrong asking that question!


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