Emam is needed in west Amman!

I came across this employment Ad yesterday in the newspaper. While I am not an expert in Islamic matters, it did surprise me what I have read in the Ad as a requirement for the Emam they need and the way the post is going to be filled.

I have many questions in my mind regarding this, maybe my fellow Muslim bloggers would help giving me answers.

How does anyone usually make it to be an Emam? Don’t we have a ministry of Islamic religious affairs in Jordan? and while I know that people donate to build a Mosque, do the Mosque stay as a property for who funded it, or its property turned to the government or any kind of a religious organization?

Excuse my ignorance with this question, but is there any difference between an Emam and a Sheikh? Does the Emam preach people? or his only job is to read the Quran versus in a suitable rythm?

I am a bit shocked of the Ad because I percieve the position requested as a holy matter. People elected to serve Allah should go through stages of spiritual development which empower them to take such a responsibility. It shouldn’t be a matter of voice, should it? It seemed like they are after a singer! Why weren’t good behaviour and moral structure part of the requirement?

And while I understand that people who decide to dedicate their lives to serve Allah need money in order to live a decent life, I find advertising the amount of money as a salary a bit awkward and insulting to the job itself.

He should be married or about to get married?!!!!!


  1. I don’t know what this Ad is all about, but I know that Imams are appointed by the ministry of Islamic Affairs (Wizarat Al-Awqaf)and that Imams undergo proper and extensive training before they are appointed and usually have a degree in Islamic science. I’ve never heard of an Imam that is appointed individually by the public via an Ad, so I’m not sure what this is about.


  2. “but I know that Imams are appointed by the ministry of Islamic Affairs”That is what I thought as well, that is why I was surprised from the Ad. It was published yesterday in Al-Ra’ee newspaper. I dont know what were they thinking!


  3. every imam is a shiekh but not every shiekh is an imam, imam : is when u become the shiekh of the mosque..well its not like u are getting promoted or something its just a name of the job he is doing, and it’s not a dovotion so many people can be as religouse as an imam n still work in other ocupations..and when a mosque is built it’s no longer a personal property..it becomes a public property i guess cause they dont consider it governmental property…and the (wizarit el-awqaf) who appoints and pays them, but maybe if the person who built it want to pay for the imam then maybe he can appoint who ever he wants…i dont wants to keep guessing thats all i know…


  4. It might be as manal said the person who built the mosque who looks for the Imam to the mosque..but I don’t take it negatively,maybe he (she) assures that this mosque is a public service but at the same time they look to find qualified Imam to lead the religious activity in the mosque since the MoI affairs does not always hire the good qualified people and we know how some Imams leave the mosque leaving 5adem el masjad doing their job!!So maybe the person who built the mosque is so interested to bring very good qualified Imam to be assure that it is well done job since fantastic building without good staff is useless.Hmm why we akeep guessing, The phone numbers are shown we can call them and check the truth.


  5. Thanks Manal Yusuf, I did ask few friends of mine and they did explain it to me just like you did 🙂RedRose, I dont know how good it is to depend on an individual to decide what is good to run a Mosque. I think that a religious committe should be responsible of this.Saad, you are welcome dear 🙂


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