My heart beats

Have been running since I was born
Have been running even before that
in my mother’s womb

Fast and slow, up and high
Never stopped, never slept

Except once

The moment I met you

They stopped
Time stopped
My world

A single moment represented the eternal time

The moment when my sight fall on you

My heart beats knew
They knew that they haven’t been running for nothing

They knew that their journey would never be the same
They would never feel coldness again
They would never feel fear again
There would be no sorrow, no pain

Their redness blossomed
Their steps grew larger
Their confidence hit the sky

Their linear march tunrned into a wavey one
because they started jumping in joy

Their fear of reaching their final destination got vanished
because they know that
when they do

The hearts where they stamped their journey details
would lie next to each other

In an eternal embrace
That resembles our love

Happy Valentine day my love…


  1. Rats, I posted before I saw the picture. Sigh. Back to praying.I’m sure these two were liked my the jealous spouse of one of them…how’s that for unromantic?


  2. scary picture, expressive and romantic in the same time. here we have another poet knocking the door:)))(The hearts where they stamped their journey detailswould lie next to each otherforever ..In an eternal embraceThat resembles our love)-touchy words.. cheers dude, happy valentine’s day. may u’ll spend it peacefully and warm with your beloved one.


  3. Hey a-mok, thanks man, happy valentine’s day to you as well. I am glad you find those words touchy.Roba, Happy Valentine :). Kinzi is the best.Qwaider, lesh ya zalameh?


  4. “Happy Valentine day my love…”She is luck girl to recieve such charming words..happy Valantine for both of you :O)


  5. sone day kinzi will not be able to leave church cause she has a long long long list of people to pray for, thanks to her kind heart 🙂happy valentine’s observer 🙂


  6. I missed checking back on this thread, heh-heh, thanks for all the poz thoughts guys! And Observer:Foof is a cute nickname.Oh, in my post, I meant to type “killed” not liked. It’s my dyslexia, you know, I even type dyslexic! :SFYI Praying is my way of sanctifying my housework, I can use my mind and spirit while I work. YES, the blogger spousal prayer list is quite long now, and I have to have a LIST to get them all 🙂


  7. Hey Kinzi, ah now I got what you meant to say. It would be romantic as well dying togather for their forbidden love affair 😛I am afraid that when your list for prayers get long I would be lost. May I ask you to place me at the top of the list? 🙂


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