Dirty cats, dirty people!

Yesterday, while driving my car with my friend, a cat passed across the street in front of me.

My friend’s reaction was “Ewwww, what a disgusting cat!”

I nodded my head in agreement.

It seems that the poor cat had to go though a lot in her life. She looks so much dirty. Her hair is untidy and stinky. She looks like she is sick or something.

Thinking of how cute other cats look made me think of how much we are in fact like cats in this department.

There are clean good looking people vs dirty untidy people. There are people who know how to take care of themselves while others who don’t know what exactly the word hygene means. There are people who smell good while others who smell bad.

It made me think how come some cats, and I am talking about street cats, with much less intelligence than human beings are able to take care of their look and hygene while there are many people who don’t seem to know how to do that?

It does make me wonder if something are just meant to be!

What do you think?


  1. You are Amazing! you always surprise me with the topics you post! 🙂 i wonder how you come up with such topics :)… anyway, im not sure if it she could have done anything about her looks, but she was indeed very discusting! 😛Great posts! Good Luck! 🙂


  2. miserable cat!! it must been through tough time!! enno winter, cold, n homeless!! 7aram!!! i have some cats living near by my studio, i enjoy watching them every morning, they r in good shape actually, heh!..about hygene issue, i guess it’s smtg related to the character and how this person grew up in his family.. it really reflects the way his parents took care of him/her, the bad part will b if this person grew shallow n never drop a look to hygene part of his body-place or clothes.. i guess it’s going to b a real problem later on.


  3. Before two days just I want to tell someone visited us at office “please there is something called water…please shower! I have to open my window to bring fresh air…Imagine…I am not exaggerating wallahi!”Another different point there are cats live in fabulous flashy environment even mbc now promotes their food on TV 😉 but the difference between cats and people that cat couldn’t shower herself or take care of her/his look while some Human can do easily!


  4. A-mok, Redrose, I agree with what you said about people.As you said, there are some street cats who are actually in a good shape. How is that possible? I am not sure of that, but I remember from my childhood seeing cats licking their bodies to clear themselves. I guess that cleaness is an instict. Maybe it didn’t developed well in some people.


  5. it is much easier for cats to take care of themselves than humans… i mean people have to wash themselves and wash their clothes, brush their teeth, shave or remove hair, do their hair, wipe their glasses, and all those stupid colors that some women put… etc.All what cats have to do is lick themselves!


  6. i don’t know how people can stand themselves when they are dirty, don’t they notice that they stink, or look disgusting :s cats are animals, but humans?? As you said, cleanliness is an instinct..


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