80’s and 90’s in amman

I usually don’t read forward emails, but I don’t know why this one caught my attention. It has been widely spread, and another blogger has already pasted the whole list on his blog. I am not going to do so, but reminding that time, some other things popped into my memory:

1. We all wore proudly a green or a maron jeans! Ewww I can’t believe that it was a hot item!
2. Most of us had a so BIG colorful hand swatch watch
3. Everyone wor a “bostar” that military shoes, which evolved later on into a caterpillar craze, for a period of time the Yellow color dominated our shoeses (some people are still stuck to it), then the craze moved to the dark brown/black ones.
4. The most popular girl used to be identified by her forehead hair, the higher the better.
5. Everyone watched The bold and The beautiful on Jordan TV channel 2 (Amman 2). May I tell you a secret? I still watch it!
6. Tom and Jerry wasn’t only our favourite cartoon, but it was our favourite fast food restaurant as well.
7. We had our house/school windows taped during the first gulf war.
8. We all dreamt of the Arabian Union.
9. We had some fights over who is stronger the US or the USSR!
10. Guys read egyptian puzzles short books (We all know Takhtakh). Girls read Abeer romantic novels.
11. Our idols became Sonic or Mario!
12. Who missed the Body Guard? Whitney Houston was the best.


  1. lol! i remember the BIG COLORFUL Swatch watch 🙂 i had a lot of these and we used to show off with them too.. and the bostar was the lates trend then 🙂 oh that was so cool then.. hehe


  2. a-mok, those were included in the list I forwarded to you. You can also read is at nasimjo’s blog.Moey, its funny, isnt it?Marie, I am surprised to hear that as well!nasimjo, I used to love my green jeans! I was hafartali back then 😛mrs al ramahi, I had a big green one. I remember my father brining it to me with him after coming back from a business trip. I loved it so much. It took me years to let it go!


  3. Gosh, memories, memories, everything applies to me man, those greens, seriously, why. And tkhatakh, what about those 5 friends who used to solve mysteries? Do you remember the name?Cool blog by the way


  4. 7aki Fadi, thx 🙂I remember takhtakh was among the 5 friends. There was another 3 (2 brothers and a sister I guess) which I used to like as well but I can’t remember names 🙂


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    Good day


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