Poll Results: Does the employer have the right to advertise a job opportunity for only ‘veiled’ or ‘unveild’ women?

It has been almost 2 months since I posted this question on my blog. Since then I have got only 33 votes of different people.

The Question was:

Does the employer have the right to advertise a job opportunity for only ‘veiled’ or ‘unveild’ women?

The Answers:

22 person voted for “No, it isn’t fair” while 11 person voted for “Yes, it happens all the time”

Percentage speaking 66.7% voted for No, 33.3% voted for yes.

That means around 1/3 of the people voted is with discriminating in work places according to what women wear. I thought it would be a lesser percentage, but unfortunatly it isn’t. I know that this Poll doesn’t give a good indication because of the small size of the votes, but one can wonder if it does give any indication of how people’s think or not.


  1. BFOQ
    BFOQ stands for Bona Fide Occupational Qualification.

    A BFOQ can be a defense for an employer that has engaged in intentional discrimination. The burden is on the employer to prove a BFOQ, and it is a difficult burden.

    Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibit discrimination because of:

    * Race
    * Color
    * Religion
    * Sex
    * National origin
    * Age

    The BFOQ defense is available only in cases of discrimination because of:

    * Religion
    * Sex
    * National origin
    * Age

    As Title VII puts it: Discrimination is OK “in those certain instances where religion, sex, or national origin is a bona fide occupational qualification reasonably necessary to the normal operation of that particular business or enterprise.”

    No BFOQ for race or color discrimination.


    * State prison hires only men as guards in a jungle-atmosphere male-only prison.
    * French restaurant hires only French chefs. (It won’t work when hiring janitors because it’s not “reasonably necessary” to the authenticity of the restaurant.)
    * Airline requires pilots to retire at the age of 60. (Won’t work for flight engineers because the government does not require it and the Airline could individually test the engineers to see which ones would be a high risk.)


  2. Of course this is wrong, but Jordan is a heaven for job discrimination starting with Wasta and Makruma, so the veil thingy strikes me as reverse discrimination because there was a time when wearing the veil in Jordan meant girls were less likely to get a job. There is a culture of discrimination protected by The Traditions of The Land, even when the Laws of The Land do not sanction it.


  3. I think yes… its okay to advertise a preference for a job.

    The employer owns the company, and has the right to hire whoever he pleases. No one has the right to question why he chooses one group over the other.

    Every business man (supposedly) knows whats the best interest for his company, and there is no reason interfere in employment conditions.


  4. No! The employer has no right to say shit like that. It’s f***ing irrational.

    It’s like asking men with moustaches, or without moustaches.



  5. devil’s mind, no I dont think that employer has the right to do so. I think that there are some basic human rights that everyone has to stick to in his business. We are in no slavery era.

    Saadna, I agree with you dear 🙂


  6. I agree with Observer. We live in the 21st century. Not the freaking dark Ages where women had to have permission to piss.

    YAY for equality.


  7. Yes, discrimination is a basic human right!!

    What would you feel like if the government forced you to a random selection of friends?!

    Friendship is a type of discrimination. Love is a discrimination.

    Are you ready to give those up?!


  8. Isn’t freedom of thought a human right?! Isn’t freedom of speech a human right?!

    Isn’t having an opinion a basic human right?!

    All of that discrimination and you still don’t think that discrimination is a basic human right?!


  9. No, I don’t agree with you on that. Discrimination is not a “basic human right”…rather, it is a molestation of human rights.


  10. And I don’t think it’s relevant to line up the discrimination in love and friendship in comparison with discrimination in the work-place. Love and friendship don’t earn you your bread. Work earns you your bread.


  11. What I’m trying to say is that. We don’t find headlines in the news “discrimination in love” or “discrimination in friendship”. Why? Cause they are trivial things. Of course love and friendship are discriminating! Each to his/her own tastes. But it doesn’t affect all, does it? It concerns no more than 2 people. Or in today’s day several people. haha.

    My point is.
    In recent years, lots of light has been shed on discrimination in the work-place. Why? Cause it has come to peoples attentions as a bad, bad thing! LOL


  12. Again, so?!

    You either agree to have discrimination, or refuse to have that…

    You can’t say, if money is involved then discrimination is not okay, but when money is out of the equation then discrimination is okay!!

    My dad loves me, and is sheltering me in his house. He gives me pocket money. So yeah, friendship and love can make you bread!!! But thats irrelevant!


  13. “It concerns no more than 2 people.” – the number of people is irrelevant. If an injustice affects only 1 person. Or even hypothetically affects someone, then we don’t want that injustice!!


  14. Wow, what a long debate between Saad and Devil’s mind.

    Saad, I am glad to have you this long on my blog 🙂

    Devil’s mind, you have made a point that really made me think.

    While I still can’t form a solid stand, here is what I think of this so far:

    You said that discrimination is a basic human right, and you applied it to friendship and love in your defense that it is okay for an employer to discriminate.

    I think that there is nothing absolute. Discrimination can be accepted in place and cannot be accepted in others.

    It does sound hypocritical, right? But I don’t think it is. Business associations discrimination is a glorified kind of discrimination than of individual ones.

    While both is not right in my opinion, the effect of enterprise discrimination is much more damaging to a society than that at a personal level.

    In addition to that, we can’t control personal choices, but we can try to empower equality between citizens.

    I think that what anonymous1 (the first commentor) said about BFOQ is fair enough.

    On personal level, I dont think it is right to choose your friend/lover based on his race, sex, color, religion, or national origin. This depends on how mature the individual is, and how much perception he has in this world to understand that all of those attributes don’t make a person a worse or better of a friend/lover.


  15. On personal level, I dont think it is right to choose your friend/lover based on his race, sex, color, religion, or national origin. This depends on how mature the individual is, and how much perception he has in this world to understand that all of those attributes don’t make a person a worse or better of a friend/lover. – Sorry for the late reply.

    I never said anything about choosing your friends based on color, race or anything of the like.

    The simple fact that you choose a friend is a type of discrimination! Now if, you chose your friends based on stupid things like race, color, or religion, thats your business.

    I am looking at a more basic view, the view where by choosing your friends you are doing discrimination!!


  16. saad,

    You must be a Greek Orthodox Communist, which is why you do not believe in the employer’s freedom to hire who he likes. Go back to Russia lar as Jordan is a capitalist state.

    Russia is a Greek Orthodox communist nation founded by Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin, two Christians.

    Do you know that the Greek Orthodox Russian Emperor Vladimir Putin sent his Holy army to massacre innocent Chechen women and children – all Muslims?

    Do we Muslims interfere into Russian affairs? If no, then why do you intefere into our Muslim affairs. Go away to a Christian nation.

    Islam mandates the veil and even Taliban-ruled Afganistan and Islamic Iraq require our Muslimah sisters to cover their aurat.


  17. Are you the real osama ben laden? 😛

    I think that Saad is neither Christian nor Russian. She is talking from her point of view as of the rights for women to decide to themselves without anyone imposing his believes on.

    I am Jordanian. We have freedom in Jodan to decide what and what not wear. We have women rights to decide for themselves as well.


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