Great Amman Municipality Women vs Men employee

Me and my friend are planning to start a small business in the upcoming few months. We have been planning things in the past couple of months, we did our research about the materials, location, costs, and other stuff required for our business.

Now as we are about to start implementation, we decided to go and check what are the requirements of the government for starting such a business. We had a previous idea about the beraucrecy of the governmental institutions but we didn’t expect this kind of attitude from the employers working at the Municipality, especilly male employees.

Female employees were more friendly. We approached 3, and all of them answered politely and with patients to all of our inquiries. In the other hand, male employees were very negative in their responce. They didn’t smile. They didn’t want to give us any information, and they let us feel that we are not welcomed at the Municipality and that we better leave! They were so rigid. We tried to be patient and nice. We kept smiling. Asking in a polite manner, but nothing has worked.

I don’t want to generalize. I am sure that there are male employees there that have a better attitude than this, but I have to wonder if it has to do with some social old value of men having to be rude while women can be nice and helpful?

Another thing that I have noticed. It is the lack of proper hygiene by some of the males. One of them did really smell bad. He was smoking his cigarette while talking to us while the ashes of it dropping on his shirt without him even bothering to get it off! Isn’t smoking prohibited in governmental work places? I am not sure it is.

My eyes caught a brochure placed on the top of someone’s disk. Obviously it contained the URL of the website of the Municipality. I am not sure why no one of the employees mentioned it! When I asked for the procedures they didn’t say that they are available online. It would have saved us much hectic!

Here is the website:


  1. Dude, you forgot the magic word….. WASTA 🙂
    The Ladies were nice to you guys, while the men are nicer to the ladies. That’s the Jordanian way of catering to all segments of the society 😉

    PS: patience not patients (you may edit this comment)


  2. LOL, the smoking situation would have made me laught right then and there in front of man. you should have told him “yo, you got some ashes on shirt man!” anywho you should have gotten a good laugh from your little trip at the Municipality.



  3. Ok, I know I will get in trouble for sounding sexist, but I believe God made women with a desire to be helpful and merciful. Not just because a few cute guys were needing help, although it doesn’t hurt.

    Could be the men were feeling a bit jealous that these young guys were coming with new ideas, and they stopped dreaming a long time ago.


  4. Thanks Marie. I really hope it would work. I will be posting more about it when things become clearer 🙂

    Kinzi, I don;t know :), some men do like to be helpful as well. Maybe as you said, they were jealous :P. Thanks for the compliment.

    I guess that those men at the Municipality are just bored of their daily routine. The daily routine of their work as well as their life problems. Goverment salaries are not so good, and now with everything going up, it is becoming harder and harder on people.

    Women here, while they share the responsibility of the house with their men, but still the main person responsible of providing the money is the man. Maybe this has to do with their mood the other day at the Municipality.


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