A short story: The Nude man – Page 5

This is the final page of “The Nude man” short story. I think this last page is quite long, I didn’t want to divide it into 2 pages as I want people who are following it to get done with it. Hope that you like what I wrote. I do appreciate if you leave my a comment telling me what you think. Thanks.

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A short story: The Nude man – Page 5

Like someone who has just been born, he rushed into the beach the very minute he arrived to his hotel. He didn’t take time to relax eventhough he were tired, he didn’t take time to eat eventhough he were starving, he didn’t take time to go to the bathroom eventhough he was about to shit on himself. He only had time to take off his clothes, and throw them around, his shirt on the bed, his pantalon on the floor, his under wear on the TV… etc. He ran into the beach like a bird fleeing his cage.

He felt like in paradise. This is what he always dreamt of. This is how it meant to be for him. This is heaven. It is his utlimate freedom. Everyone is nude. There is no clothes. This is the real thing. The truth. No hiding. No shame. No pretending. Everyone is comfortable with his own body. Everyone is enjoying his natural state that he was born with. It just feels like home to him. A home that he has never had.

He wished that time would just stop. He wished that his hands could reach the sun moving at the horizon to stop it. He wished that he has the power to freeze everything. He doesn’t want anything to change. Everything is just perfect now. It is his ultimate content. No more desires. No more dreams. He doesn’t need anything else. This is more than enought to him.

Unfortunatly, things doesn’t always go as we desire. His week on this beautiful island has come to an end in no time. He first planned to stay for three to four days, but then he couldn’t leave and so extended his vacation for another three days. They had passed already. He wished he can postpone it his return again, for another couple of days, a week, maybe a month, or even forever. He can’t. He has to go back home to his wife, to his sons, and to his work.

This is a nightmare. He never imagined that he would feel this bad going back to his normal life. It is like he has fallen from heaven to hell. Whenever he wear his suit now in order to go to work, he feels like someone has slapped him on the face hard, real hard. A slap that keeps him angry. It keeps him frustrated, bitter and depressed.

It is hard to smile again. No matter what his wife tries to do to cheer him up, it doesn’t work anymore. The memories of his free days kept on haunting him. He feels like being sentenced to a life time behind the bars. The bars of social boundaries that stops him from being himself. It is like someone is strangling him. He can’t breath right. His health has gone down. Anti-depressent pills are not working anymore. He is going insane.

His wife tried over and over again to push him out from this state. She tried everything she could imagine to make him feel better. She never knew what is the real reason behind his depression, but she got fed up with his attitude. Their argument gets heated more and more everyday. She no longer can understand him. He seems to pick on every tiny detail. He keeps on picking up fights with her, with his sons, with his neighbours, with his co-workers, with everyone. He became unbearable, unlikable, and even dispised by everyone.

One day, and after a heated argument with his wife, he gone mad. He was pushed to his limits. He took off all his clothes and started screaming in the house. Screaming like never before. His wife opened the door and left. He left after her. He left after her naked. She knew her husband has gone mad. She didn’t know what to do about it. She stood on the street looking at him in shame. She screamed on him to get inside and wear something. He didn’t hear anything. He only heard his rage. He only wanted his freedom. He ignored her. He walked in silence across the street. He kept on walking and walking. People were looking in shock. Some ran away. Some turned their heads in shame. Some shouted on him. Some threw jokes. Some threw stones. He kept on walking.

Finally a couple of policemen arrived. They put him under custody. They moved him into a mental hospital. His depression was so severe. His wife abandoned him. She filed for a divorce. His sons were so ashamed of his behvaiour. They never talked back to him. His brothers and sisters placed an ad in the newspaper dismissing him from belonging to their family. He got fired from work. No one want anything to do with him anymore. His worst nightmare comes true. What he always feared has happened. He lost everything. He attempted suicide, it didn’t work.

He felt lonely like never before. He remembered the time he felt on top of his life. The time of his vacation to the Greek Islands. He remembers that he met a nice woman there. A woman who shares the same passion for nudity with him. He searched for her phone number and called her. She was so upset to hear what he had to go through. She sent him some money, she sent him plane ticket, and she sent him an invitation in order to get a visa to Greece. She became his saver. She picked him up from the lowest point of his life. She convinced him that he can’t live any longer in his country. He has to be true to himself. They can live togather on that Island. They can get marry. They can share their life and support each other.

He had no other choice. He wished he can fix things with his sons, but he couldn’t. He left to Greece.

He started his new life on the nude island. He felt like he was never living before. This is where he belongs. It doesn’t matter if people can’t understand you. What matters is to be true to yourself. To love the person you are and live with what nature gifted you. His desire for nudity caused him much fear and pain in the past, but it has also pushed him to search, pushed him to learn, and pushed him to percieve life in a better light. He is now aware of what is important in this life. Things are meant to be as it meant to be. Nature is stronger than us. He needn’t fight his urges. He should have accepted his difference and others differences. Life can be much easier on us if we just accept our uniqeness and stopped fighting each other for something we all know is out of our hands.

The End


  1. You know that I’m following your story Fadi (even didn’t leave comment)..
    Well, good story as the previuos one, higlights the conflict between what we like to BE but the same fence SOCIETY..social restrictions…let me apply this on simple activity i like to do but not easy sometimes, like your hero there..DANCING..i like to dance yes..I enjoy dancing..but sometimes there are places i couldn’t dance in public there..you got it?in resturants or cafes or something like that, I mean what is if I’m in bad mood having my lunch outside..then nice rythem starts to play and I felt dancing at that moment will free the negative energy I had..BUT..simply I couldn’t do that..
    simple issue I liked to apply it to your point.


  2. Hey Red Rose, I didnt know that you have been following my story. I am so glad to know that you have been, and I am also glad to know that you like it.

    You are right, it can apply on numerous occaisons where what we are don’t fit with what our society expect us to be.

    The dance thing is a good example. I would say don’t give a damn. Enjoy yourself and dance whenever you feel like to 🙂


  3. Good story indeed; Being nude means being vulnerable. It also means being your true self. Only a strong person can reveal his true self, foreknowing that by revealing himself he is making himself vulnerable!!

    I support in nudism myself (as I have made a post about it myself), as I think that nudism is an important part of honesty, a trait that I also happen to support.

    I think its okay for people to wear clothes. Its not something bad. What’s awful is to bad-mouth those who are strong enough to take off those clothes.


  4. Devil’s mind, I am glad you find the story good.

    I personally don’t support nudism. I am not used to seeing people nude. It would bother me for sometime if it happens, but I would get used to the scene. I guess people should have the right to decide for themselves.


  5. Well, people have the right to chose for themselves, whether they want to cloth or not. But its a shame that people decide for others when it is acceptable to wear clothes or not!

    Nudity can be considered as a form of free expression. When we forbid people to be nude we are depriving humans of their constitutional rights of freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.


  6. Man , i think u can write a better story …. the subject is not what is in question here cuz the form of writing that cares abt the subject is an article … this piece felt like a story in a tabloid … sorry man but u have to read more and to grasp the art of writing stories … but we all will get there by trying ,,, at least u wrote a story and i didnt !abt the nudity thing … its a social concept ,,, in brazil bikini is conidered clothing and in the middle east its considered nude … i read a story abt african tribes who thier women dont cover thier breasts but are very ashamed if their thighs are exposed ! this is all invented by the human !! if u lived in a nudist society in the 1st place u wouldnt feel as if u see a nude woman walking in the street right now … but even in that society u will find people who are considered abnormal who will dress up ! its human nature …


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